Animals Pedal Surfing Bear Overdrive Pedal

Animals Pedal Surfing Bear Overdrive Pedal Animals Pedal Surfing Bear Overdrive Pedal Animals Pedal Surfing Bear Overdrive Pedal
Animals Pedal Surfing Bear Overdrive Pedal
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SURFING BEAR OVERDRIVE is an overdrive pedal that creates the most basic distortion that guitarists of the present time need.
From clean boost to a light crunch to a bright and warm drive tone, this tone can be used freely for both rhythm and lead.

It is a flat tone with a wide dynamics range that is required for guitar tones, yet it is a tone with a lively mid.
Not only can it be used alone, but you can also use it by boosting other distortions and amplifiers with SURFING BEAR OVERDRIVE, or conversely pushing SURFING BEAR OVERDRIVE with another distortion or booster.

The circuit is based on the legendary drive pedal "808". However, even if it is reproduced and reprinted as it is, it does not become the “current sound”.
The tone demanded by today's guitarists has a wide dynamic range, good responsiveness with variable gain in the volume of the guitar, and clarity that makes it easy to understand the chord structure. However, it is not only clear, but the balance between attack and sustain is also important.

SURFING BEAR OVERDRIVE is a clear and forward distortion that has sufficient sustain and does not become too noisy in cutting and the sound is not buried. With these elements, you can lightly customize the tone with the TONE knob.

The VOL knob has a high output level, and clean boost is possible by lowering the DRIVE knob. Conversely, setting the DRIVE knob high will give a mild and warm tone reminiscent of the legendary "808" tone.
The timbre is always clear and there is no muffled sensation.

The foot switch is true bypass. It is driven by a 9V battery or a standard center minus DC9V adapter.

Designed by surf art painter Jonas Cleasson, who works in Australia. It is drawn with a touch that gives off the extraordinary feeling of
a bear making a coffee break while surfing

  • Current consumption: 15mA
  • Input impedance: 500k ohm
  • Output impedance: 10k ohm
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