Audix DClamp Drum Microphone Mount with D-Clamp

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Audix DClamp Drum Microphone Mount with D-Clamp
Audix DClamp Drum Microphone Mount with D-Clamp
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Audix DClamp Drum Microphone Mount with D-Clamp

The D-clamp is a low profile, simple-to-use mounting system that eliminates the need for bulky mic stands. Easily operated, the D-Clamp is provided with a standard 518" thread adapter which allows any mic to be used by just simply changing the clip. The MC2 clip provided fits Audix D series microphones.

The D-Clamp works on most tension rods associated with hand percussion instruments (such as congas and bongos) as well as standard 9.5mm and 10.5mm knurled rods found on tom and percussion mounts. It provides a nice clean Look especially when used with the Audix right angle XLR mic cable.

The D-clamp can also be used with the Audix Micro-D small condenser mic by simply replacing the D-Clamp's gooseneck with the Micro-D gooseneck. This allows the Micro-D to be used in tight spaces (congas, timbales, bongos), where a Larger dynamic mic may be hard to position.

Placement: For best results, position the head of the mic approximately 2 inches above the drum head and two inches inside the rim aimed towards the center of the drum (usually about a 45" angle). The photo on the cover is a good example of this position. Depending on the size and type of micro- phone being used, the height of the metal gooseneck will have to be adjusted. Simply loosen the wing nut on the side of the clip and move the gooseneck into the proper position, then tighten. The gooseneck can also be angled in any direction to achieve the desired position.

Microphone placement is not an exact science, it depends on the instrument, the player's style, the type of music, the loudness of the music, the room acoustics, the sound system, the engineer, and of course, the microphone itself.



  • Flexible multi-position metal gooseneck

  • Locks firmly into position

  • Fingertip control

  • Lightweight, durable and scratch resistant

  • Eliminates bulky mic stands

  • Works with any mic

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