Bartolini Pickups NTMBP-GF NTMB+F 3-Band EQ Preamp Module

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Bartolini Pickups NTMBP-GF NTMB+F 3-Band EQ Preamp Module

Bartolini Pickups NTMBP-GF NTMB+F 3-Band EQ Preamp Module
Bartolini Pickups NTMBP-GF NTMB+F 3-Band EQ Preamp Module

Bartolini Pickups NTMBP-GF NTMB+F 3-Band EQ Preamp Module

Independent wide-range bass, mid, and bright treble control with adjustable gain

Our most popular preamp for decades, the NTMB+F is a 3-band tone control preamp with fully independent Bass, Mid and Treble controls. It is well known to professionals for its very low noise and wide boost/cut range. The voice is clear, transparent, and strong with ultra-low distortion.

We re-packed the parts of the NTMB/918F and NTMB3 2-part preamp system into a single module to make the NTMB+F. The circuitry and parts are identical. Not only does the NTMB+F take less space, but it also requires fewer wires, has even better noise rejection, and is easier to install.

The NTMB+F features a pre-wired adjustable gain trimmer which allows you to boost the input signal up to 12dB (4X) to match the output of several instruments or tune the output to drive your level-sensitive effects.

Like all of our preamps, the NTMB+F is internally shielded to reject electromagnetic noise and includes internal filters to block AM and FM radio on the input. Bartolini set the standard of fully sealing the sensitive electronics. We use professional double tin plated pure copper wire with durable semi-rigid insulation. This ensures the 5” pre-stripped wires don’t flop around in the cavity and the wires don’t cut through the insulation over time.

Installation is straightforward by connecting the EQ band wires to your 50KΩ linear potentiometers along with volume control, battery connection, and output jack. Or you can use one of our pre-wired harnesses to make your upgrade even easier.

The preamp can be used with either a single 9-volt battery (9-volt operation) or two 9-volt batteries wired in series (18-volt operation) for 6dB extra headroom with no tonal change.

Preamp Module Size

  • 1.76" [44.7mm] Long
  • 1.02" [25.9mm] Wide
  • 0.54" [13.7mm] Thick
  • Operating Voltage: 9V or 18V - Prewired for 9V. An additional battery clip is included for 18V wiring.
  • Mid: 250Hz center frequency can be tuned with a series capacitor. See the wiring diagram for more info.
  • Input Impedance: 400KΩ
  • Output Impedance: 3KΩ

Gain Control

  • The in-cavity gain trimmer lets you adjust the output level of your instrument. This lets you match output levels from several instruments for consistent response from level-sensitive effects
  • Gain: 0-12dB

Bass Control

  • Boost or cut your low frequencies up to 5 times the flat signal. The bass frequency is great for E, B, and low F# strings.
  • Bass: +/-15dB@30Hz

Mid Control

  • Thicken or thin your tone with mid control. Mid boost lets you cut through the mix, and mid cut provides great slap tone.
  • Mid: +/-13dB@250Hz

Treble Control

  • Boost or cut your high frequencies to brighten or darken your tone. The NTMB+F gives you a wide control range for an aggressive or mild voice.
  • Treble: +/-18dB@10KHz
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