iZotope Dialogue Match (Digital Download)

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iZotope Dialogue Match (Digital Download)

iZotope Dialogue Match (Digital Download)
iZotope Dialogue Match (Digital Download)

The makers of RX bring you the next indispensable tool for post production. Keep your audience in the moment with seamless dialogue recordings.


Global features

  • Advanced and Bypass controls for each module
  • Fully resizable UI
  • Save and load global Snapshots and Reference profiles
  • Spectral display for Reference and Apply To profiles

Reverb module

  • Wet/Dry controls
  • Early Reflections Level
  • Early Reflections Time
  • Tail Attack
  • Tail Level
  • Tail Predelay
  • Tail Time
  • Chamber reverb
  • Hall reverb
  • Plate reverb
  • Output Filter
  • Density control

EQ Module

  • Dry/Wet controls
  • EQ nodes
  • Bell node shape
  • High Pass node shape
  • High Shelf node shape
  • Low Pass node shape
  • Low Shelf node shape

Ambience module

  • Trim
  • Spectrogram display

Operating Systems:

  • Mac: OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)–macOS 10.15 (Catalina)
  • PC: Win 7–Win 10
  • Plugin Formats: AAX AudioSuite* (64–bit only)
  • Supported Hosts: Pro Tools 11.3.1P–Pro Tools Ultimate 2019.10
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