NUGEN Audio VisLM 2 (Digital Download)

NUGEN Audio VisLM 2 (Digital Download)
NUGEN Audio VisLM 2 (Digital Download)
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NUGEN Audio VisLM 2 (Digital Download)

VisLM 2 is an industry-standard loudness metering plugin that integrates perfectly into your workflow, using a clear, resizable interface and ground-breaking ReMEM automated loudness memory technology.

VisLM-H2 delivers everything you need – intuitively, accurately and immediately – so you can mix with confidence and peace of mind.  It is also available in two versions. VisLM-H2 (History) and VisLM-C2 (Compact), depending on your production needs.

Loudness normalization introduces a common reference point for all stages of audio production, allowing you to remain in control of audio quality at all times, and meet whatever new standards are set by the industry.

VisLM 2 features a unique design focused on primary loudness parameters, and combines an instant overview with detailed historical information, enabling you to hit your target first time, every time. It gives you complete control of your audio quality while adhering to regulated broadcast standards.

Additional loudness logging and time-code functions allow for proof of compliance reporting and postmortem analysis, so you know exactly what’s going on with your mix at all times.

And with a fully resizable interface and many additional visualizations, your loudness workflow is transparently integrated into the production environment. Quick, simple and foolproof.

NUGEN Audio VisLM 2 is great for several different areas of audio production…

Post production

  • Hit specification easily and intuitively
  • Achieve average loudness harmonization from differing sources
  • Balance music/dialog/special effects

Mixing | Mastering | Acquisition

  • Take control of audio quality at source
  • Avoid ‘level shifting’ further down the broadcast stream
  • Produce consistent masters

Broadcast | Transmission

  • Meet legislation and internal standards
  • Manage live broadcast levels rapidly and objectively
  • Consistently balance music/dialog/special effects

Game Audio

  • ASWG 7.1 surround support
  • PlayStation, PSP & Xbox One compatible
  • Balance dialog/SFX/beds
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