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Origin CALI76 TX L Transformer Lundahl Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal - Maroon

Origin CALI76 TX L Transformer Lundahl Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal - Maroon Origin CALI76 TX L Transformer Lundahl Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal - Maroon Origin CALI76 TX L Transformer Lundahl Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal - Maroon Origin CALI76 TX L Transformer Lundahl Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal - Maroon
Origin CALI76 TX L Transformer Lundahl Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal - Maroon

Origin CALI76 TX L Transformer Lundahl Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal - Maroon

From Manufacturer

The original “pimped” Cali76. Transformer circuitry offers harmonic rich tone, plus extra connectivity options. For guitar, bass, and vocals via your DAW!

The 1176 is a much loved, premium quality studio compressor and in many ways is the “industry standard” vintage studio compressor. The primary motivation for developing the Cali76, was to bring the sonic properties of this revered studio-classic into the scope of the average guitar-geek. After all, why should high quality compression be confined to the recording studio?

Secondly, existing guitar compressors are generally mediocre performers, and renowned “Tone Killers”, adding hiss, whilst simultaneously robbing your signal of its soul!

High-Current Saturated-Iron Tones… with Professional Connectivity!

Cali76 TX - Origin Effects Analogue Boutique Compressor Hand Built In Britain UK Guitar Pedal

The topology of the design was kept true to the original, whilst the actual circuitry was carefully condensed. In this way it has been possible to retain the much loved dynamic response of the original, whilst at the same time permitting a smaller, more stage friendly format!

We’ve slightly tweaked the attack and release times to be of immediate use to guitarists and bass players, as well as in pro-audio applications. Plug it into your recording rig to process vocals, piano, acoustic guitars and drums, with a vintage, analogue warmth!

Attack times are: 0.020mS to 1.7mS (for 100% of recovery). Double the range when compared to the 1176 (stock 1176: 0.02mS – 0.8mS). This further defines percussive transients.

Release times are: 32mS to 267mS (for 63% of recovery). We’ve tailored the release times to best suite guitar/bass (this makes it easier to dial-in a useful setting), but can also offer people a wider-range of times (stock 1176: 50mS – 1100mS).

Tonal Benefits

The Cali76-TX transformer board works to provide the user with additional tone-options and connectivity.

This brings things even closer to the original studio-classic by incorporating a custom iron-core output transformer (other transformer options available) driven by a high-current Class-A transistor stage.

“High” and “Low Gain” modes of operation allow the transformer to be pushed into saturation for subtle harmonic generation all the way to all-out grunge!

A ground-lift switch quickly fixes any rogue “hums” caused by annoying ground-loop interactions.

Transformer Options

We offer two types of transformer. Our custom iron-core transformer or a top-of-the-line Lundahl (at an additional cost). Our preference is for the custom iron-core transformer which saturates nicely in “High-Gain” mode. The Lundahl is linear through and through, contributing no core saturation – a benefit to those looking for a more transparent low-end when used as an insert in the studio or on bass guitar.


The Cali76-TX features dedicated “Amplifier” and “Line/DI” outputs. The “Line/DI” is fully balanced and electronically isolated. The outputs are capable of driving the longest of cable runs and will integrate with any professional studio set-up, vintage or modern!

By swapping internal jumpers, the pedal can be operated in either “True-Bypass” or “Buffered Bypass” modes when powered at 9V. When actively engaged, through the use of an 18V supply (PSU not included), the transformer-board effectively buffers the signal at all times, even when the unit is bypassed.
Limited Edition Maroon TX

After careful consideration, we have made the decision to discontinue our Large format Pedal range currently consisting of the Cali76-TX/TX-L and SlideRIG pedals.

Although critically acclaimed and very popular, these pedals have been steadily getting too timely and costly to produce and increasingly hard to find high-quality materials for. With the increased success of our Compact Series Range, a growing artist roster and exciting new R&D happening in our expanded headquarters it is the right time to retire the range of pedals that started it all for us as the company grows into its next chapter.

Early in 2016 we successfully released a Limited Edition run of Cali76-STD pedals in our trademark Origin Effects Maroon. We have now built a limited run of Cali76-TX and TX-L compressors which will also be finished in this unique Limited Edition finished to send off the large format pedals in style!

  • 100% Class-A discrete signal path
  • Ultra fast “FET” response
  • Attack & Release controls
  • Studio-grade “discrete” preamplifier
  • Rugged VU-style meter
  • Low noise electronics
  • Class-A discrete output-amplifier driving transformer
  • Dual, low-impedance outputs (via audio transformer)
  • Unbalanced instrument-level output
  • Balanced Line-DI output*
  • Ground-lift function to eliminate ground induced hum
  • Gain-switch adjusts transformer saturation
  • Auto-Shutdown – preserves battery operation
  • PSU Spec. Min: 13mA @ 9V / 72mA @ 18V (PSU not included)
  • Suggested PSU Rating: 200mA for optimum start-up
  • Designed and built in England
  • Weight 1150 g
  • Dimensions 161 x 205 x 71 mm
  • Transformer Type  : Lundahl – Mastering Grade for Ultra Flat Response
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