Pigtronix MGS Mothership Pedal

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Pigtronix MGS Mothership Pedal

Availability: Out of stock
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Pigtronix MGS Mothership Pedal Pigtronix MGS Mothership Pedal
Pigtronix MGS Mothership Pedal

Pigtronix Mothership is an analog synthesizer featuring VCO, Sub-Octave and Intelligent Ring Modulator. Incredibly fast tracking and ultra FAT tone make this unique synthesizer ideal for use with guitar, bass, horns, vocals or any other musical instrument. No special pickup or interface is required.

At the heart of the Mothership is a revolutionary note recognition system that achieves instantaneous and accurate pitch to voltage translation. The Mothership is a true analog monosynth with a limitless array of tuning options between its voices covering 8 octaves

VCO – The main voice of the Pigtronix Mothership is a VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) that outputs either triangle or square waves. An adjustable portamento (glide) effect can be added to produce subtle slides from note to note or outrageous multi-octave glissando maneuvers. An expression pedal jack for Whammy control provides tunable pitch bending up to one octave using a TRS Expression pedal. That’s right… ANALOG WHAMMY!

Sub-Octave – The octave down is a massive, earthshaking sine wave bass tone that remains locked to the input signal. A dedicated SUB Out jacks allows low frequencies to be sent to a separate bass amp or house DI for maximum booty.

Intelligent Ring Modulator – Pigtronix unique pitch tracking ring modulator follows every note you play, retaining the exact harmonic intervals between its output and the signal it is tracking. A “ring mod source,” switch lets the ring modulator follow either the input signal or the VCO signal, providing an immense array of analog textures and interactive harmony. The glide and whammy functions also apply to the intelligent ring modulator, letting the musician morph one harmony into another and then back again.


  • Triangle or Square wave VCO

  • Pitch tracking Ring Modulator

  • Fast and Accurate Tracking

  • Variable Portamento

  • F.A.T. Sub-Octave

  • Expression pedal for Analog Whammy

  • True Bypass

  • Pigtronix 18VDC adapter included

  • Circuit Design by Howard Davis

  • Sound Design by David Koltai

  • Chassis Size = 7.4” x 4.6” x 1.5”

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