Pintech PDK1000 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Black Mesh Heads

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Pintech PDK1000 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Black Mesh Heads

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Pintech PDK1000 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Black Mesh Heads Pintech PDK1000 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Black Mesh Heads Pintech PDK1000 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Black Mesh Heads
Pintech PDK1000 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Black Mesh Heads

Pintech’s PDK1000 offers drummers a rugged and versatile kit built to withstand a beating while providing amazing dynamics and expressive triggering.  Powered by the PDM1 Pintech drum module which offers 335 voices, built in metronome, aux input, MIDI Out and so much more!  Packed with premium features like our Reaction Series mesh heads, EZ-Tune technology on every drum pad, real metal hardware, a large 8″ kick drum and a rack that allows you to build the kit around the way that YOU want.


The Pintech PDM1 drum module is a brand new module offered by Pintech that offers quite the extensive list of features!  Want to drum along with your favorite songs?  Simply plug your cell phone, iPad, tablet, etc into the “aux-in” port and the PDM1 module will automatically play your music through both the stereo output and the headphone jack.  That way you can play along with whatever song you want!  Just learning how to drum?  Our module allows you to play many of the different on-board songs to play along with, while also giving you the ability to individually turn off the backing drum track!  This allows you to hear the song without drums, and then play your own beat to the songs!  What about tuning?  The PDM1 has many tuning features: Individually change the sensitivity, threshold/reject, pitch, volume, tempo, add a reverb effect for a “live” atmosphere and more!  Packed with 335 voices and 60 songs, this drum module gives you the flexibility to play just about any genre possible!  Want to expand even further into the world of electronic drumming?  Our PDM1 module even has a MIDI Out port!  This port allows you to hook your drum kit straight into your computer.  From there, you can run software that will interact with the PDK1000 drum kit.  Connecting via MIDI opens up a virtual unlimited amount of sounds for your to enjoy.


Pintech’s mesh heads are some of the quietest and most natural feeling heads in the world.  Our ConcertCast series drum pads feature a hollow-bottom design that allows for optimum noise reduction.  Not to mention that Pintech’s drum pads are built to last, because they are made out of aluminum and titanium shells and real metal hardware.  No plastic parts in these drum pads! With centralized located triggers in each pad, you will be able to achieve amazing dynamics while maintaining an even feel all around the mesh head.  Each drum pad on the PDK1000 features our industry exclusive EZ-Tune technology; sensitivity knobs on each drum pad that allow you to tune each individual drum in real-time without fiddling with the module.


Pintech’s PDK1000 drum pads are 100% tune-able! Looking to reduce or increase your rebound on each pad?  No problem!  Simply grab your drum key and tune it to your liking.  Looking for increased sensitivity on an individual pad?  Again, no problem!  Our drum pads feature a knob on the shell that allows you to turn the sensitivity up or down with a quick twist!


Pintech’s TC Series cymbals are the best selling e-drum cymbals in the world, and they are included with the PDK1000 drum kit.  Constructed out of a heavy duty polypropylene polymer, the TC Series cymbals from Pintech are virtually impossible to crack.  Built with performance and reliability in mind, the Pintech TC Series cymbals are a perfect solution for the hardcore drummer.


Don’t forget about flexibility!  The included drum rack allows maximum flexibility.  You aren’t held back with pre-installed cymbal mounts, or pads that can only be installed one way.  Each cymbal, drum pad and even the module are held with our interchangeable multi-clamps!  This allows you to move every piece of the drum kit around to the way you want.  Compare other racks to the PDK1000 rack, and you will quickly realize that your flexibility is virtually unlimited… Just the way it should be!


Want to add a double pedal to your kit?  That’s not a problem!  Pintech packs the PDK1000 drum kit with a huge 8″ mesh kick drum, which easily fits any standard double pedal setup.  Don’t compromise by getting a smaller kick, our kick drum is quiet, large, and built to last a very long time!



  • (1) 10″ Single Zone ConcertCast Mesh Pad w/EZ-Tune Technology
  • (3) 8″ Single Zone ConcertCast Mesh Pads w/EZ-Tune Technology
  • (1) 14″ TC Series Single Zone Cymbal
  • (2) 10″ TC Series Single Zone Cymbals
  • (1) GIG KD Mesh Kick Pad
  • (1) All Metal GIG Hi-hat Pedal
  • (1) PDM1 Drum Module/Brain
  • (1) 3000 Series Rack with all necessary clamps, cymbal arms, cables and hardware.

Kick pedal not included and shown only for photography purposes.

  • Voices: 335 Voices
  • Drum Kits: 24 Preset, 11 User Kits
  • Metronome: Yes (Click on/off)
  • Tempo: Yes (80-260)
  • Demo Songs: Yes
  • Songs: 60 Preset
  • Coaching Features: Drum off and indicator lights
  • Trigger Parameters: Sensitivity, Threshold/Reject, Pitch, Volume
  • Trigger Effect: Reverb on/off
  • Display: LCD
  • Audio outputs: Stereo Left and Right Channel Ports, Headphone Port
  • Audio Input: Yes
  • MIDI OUT: Yes
  • Power Supply: DV 9V
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