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We’re Ringing in the Holidays with Legator!

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Legator Ninja N8FP

8-String Multi-Scale Guitar

We're stoked to present this true beast of an axe from our friends at Legator - an N8FP Multi-Scale 8-String Ninja. The gorgeous Iris Fade finish immediately catches your eye with its light-to-dark purple gradient, and the sunken finish highlights the fantastic swamp ash grain beautifully. It simultaneously stands out in a wild way whilst still retaining the inherent "djent on me!" aesthetic - which, make no mistake, this guitar is about through and through. The contrast of the awesome-feeling one-piece roasted maple neck and ebony fretboard along with the reversed, matching Iris Fade headstock as well as the choice of black chrome hardware adds to the visual distinction of the whole package.

A common playing experience upon picking up a multi-scale guitar, especially an 8-string behemoth like this one, is needing to get used to how it feels. The resident prog metal player here at the shop was pleasantly surprised to find that this one felt pretty natural to move over to from a more conventional 6-string instrument.

High-gain riffage is there in spades on this axe thanks to the acoustic clarity and attack of the roasted maple and ebony fretboard combined with the aggressive yet high-fidelity "Hive" 8-string humbuckers, which retained string definition and high-end punch along with a tight low-end boom from the lowest open 8th string note up to the 24th fret of the high E. Finally, the non no-nonsense control layout - master volume, 3-way switch, nothing else - and simple hardtail bridge configuration allows you to focus on one thing and one thing only: kicking ass.

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