Steinberg Nuendo12 (Digital Download)

Steinberg Nuendo12 (Digital Download) Steinberg Nuendo12 (Digital Download) Steinberg Nuendo12 (Digital Download) Steinberg Nuendo12 (Digital Download) Steinberg Nuendo12 (Digital Download) Steinberg Nuendo12 (Digital Download) Steinberg Nuendo12 (Digital Download)
Steinberg Nuendo12 (Digital Download)
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Steinberg Nuendo12 (Digital Download)

Nuendo is the center of your modern studio environment and the most complete DAW available today. It is the technology leader in audio post production for film, TV, game audio and immersive sound, with a range of tools and user friendly processes that deliver what the professionals need.

Home of Dialogue

The AI powered Dialogue Detection algorithm will reliably detect spoken dialogue, regardless of any background noise, and remove silent parts from any recording. A new Detect Silence Using Last Used Settings command lets you execute the processing using the most recent values.

Audition tool

With the new audition tool, you can click anywhere in the waveform display and preview material detected as silence or dialogue before committing edits to the selected clips.

Multiple reference clips for Audio Alignment

The improved Audio Alignment functionality allows you to use multiple reference clips of a full scene and apply their precise timing to the corresponding set of field recorder files. Now you can align all imported lavalier microphone clips to a boom mic reference track, for example.

Free Warp in the Project window

Make subtle timing corrections to the audio event waveforms directly in the Project window, for example if you want to use a dialogue clip from a different shot with the perfect expression, but which has the wrong timing.

Auto Align® Post support

The distance between lavalier microphones and the boom may vary as actors move around, shifting the phase over time. Nuendo 12 features seamless integration with Auto Align Post 2, making time and phase alignment of continuously moving microphones much easier.

ARA improvements

The production sound has captured a great performance, but unwanted background noise is making it difficult to edit the scene. You can use SpectraLayers at track level through ARA extension to eliminate background sounds with surgical accuracy. Now, you can also make all process permanent afterwards, so you can continue with other editing tasks.

Home of Dubbing - Revamped ADR System

Create Markers from Events

If a project needs ADR, but there isn’t a tabular script available to import ADR markers, the new Create Markers from Events functionality lets you create those markers automatically by selecting one or more existing audio events.

Marker window attribute filters

The improved ADR System in Nuendo 12 features attribute filters that can be combined, for example to record the cues of two different characters that are performed by the same voice actor. You can also search within the dialogue attribute values.

Marker handling improvements

Selecting a marker in the marker window will select the marker in the Nuendo project window and vice versa. You can also configure marker attributes (e.g. character name) to be displayed directly on the marker track. New key commands have been added.


The ADR API enables external programs, such as taker systems and dialogue script editors, to interact with the marker system in Nuendo.

Netflix TTAL dialogue script import/export

The TTAL script content is converted to record ready ADR markers, including the dialogue text, characters and useful metadata. Script change decisions made during the ADR production can be documented within the Nuendo marker editor.

New Supervision Modules

SuperVision comes with 6 brand new metering new metering modules, among them Leq (A), a VU meter, Spectrum Keyboard, Phase balance, Level histogram and Loudness histogram.

Connection to EdiCueEdiCueV4

Creating cues in Nuendo with the EdiCue Project Interface window allows dialogue supervisors to load character text from PDF shooting scripts. Cue data is stored in Nuendo’s cycle markers, allowing for instant record. EdiCue can import cue data from PDF cue sheets to send directly to Nuendo, ready for recording. You can also import data from Nuendo’s cycle markers direct into EdiCue and export customized cue sheets as PDFs.

Home of Immersive

Headphones Match

To judge the frequency and spatial domain of binaural content on headphones, a neutral frequency response is vital. The Headphones Match plug in applies an accurate compensation curve to the monitor output for 387 different models of headphones. You can also emulate the sound of a different pair of headphones.

Dolby Atmos Setup Assistant

With the new Setup Assistant, the steps to convert a channel based project to a Dolby Atmos mixing project are performed automatically. The Setup Assistant will create a straightforward Dolby Atmos configuration with the internal Renderer for Dolby Atmos.

Binaural Downmix via Headphones

The Nuendo 12 Renderer for Dolby Atmos now offers a binaural re render of the Dolby Atmos mix. Rendering all Bed and Object inputs, it allows the replication of an immersive, multi channel audio experience in headphones, using (HRTF) filters.

VST AmbiDecoder improvements

The processing algorithm used in VST AmbiDecoder to convert from Ambisonics to stereo binaural has been significantly improved. It is now possible to build a monitoring chain from channel based immersive sound (such as 7.1.4) to Ambisonics to stereo binaural.

Multi selection/phase coherent AudioWarp

The phase coherent mode for multitrack AudioWarp makes sure that the spatial relationship between the edited tracks remains accurate when warping.

Space Controller OSC support

Nuendo 12 also includes full support for Space Controller OSC. Developed by Sound Particles, Space Controller OSC connects a mobile device to Nuendo and links the physical movements of the device to the software, enabling full control over its panning tools by simply pointing the phone to where the user wants sounds to come from.

Sample accurate volume automation

In Nuendo 12, volume automation is now near sample accurate and completely independent from the buffer size.

Sound Design & Music

FX Modulator

The new FX Modulator plug in provides effect modules and a comprehensive envelope editor that create time based effect modulations to shape your sound effects. You can also create complex curves and effects chains to create drops, stutters, risers, lifters and stops, triggering the focused curve via MIDI to control the modulation.


Raiser is a new dynamics processing tool with ultra fast attack times to let you dramatically increase the loudness of your projects, without compromising on transients or transparency. Delivering smooth processing of speech or background music, it also excels in aggressive limiting for creative sound effects.

Lin One Dither

The Lin One dithering plug in is powered by MAAT, Inc, and replaces the old UV22HR dithering plug in. Opening a project that contains an FX chain or track preset using the UV22HR plug in will automatically replace it with the Lin One Dither plug in. The parameter settings are reset to default.

New MIDI Remote system & API

In Nuendo 12 we have implemented a completely new way of integrating and using third party MIDI controllers. Connected MIDI controllers with scripts are now shown in the MIDI Remote tab in the Lower Zone. If a MIDI Remote Script is available, Nuendo will automatically detect your device and map the controls.

Import tempo and signature tracks

You can now import tempo and signature tracks from other projects and track archives, helping to seamlessly exchange content between projects.


The StepFilter plug in has been updated with two additional parameters. The Cutoff and Resonance now each have a Randomize (RND).

Verve felt piano

Recorded in the Yamaha Studios in Los Angeles, Verve is a beautiful felt piano created to let you to tell a new story with every note you play.

Create Chord Events from Audio Events

The new Create Chord Events from Audio Events feature letting you drag your audio
recording to the Chord Track where it will lay out the chord progression for you.

Scale Assistant in VariAudio

The Scale Assistant in VariAudio brings two powerful tools together to make pitch editing quicker and easier. Whether you want to pitch correct recordings or get creative with melodies, you can set the scale and follow the Chord Track or let the Scale Assistant suggest the scale.

Logical Editor and Input Transformer improvements

With improvements to the Project and MIDI Logical Editors, the Input Transformer, the Transformer MIDI plug in,new preset browsers and many new functions and filters, in Nuendo 12 you cancreate and customize your own workflows in more ways than ever before.


  • macOS Monterey
  • macOS Big Sur
  • Rosetta 2 App (Silicon Mac)
  • Native App (Silicon Mac)


  • 64 bit Windows 11 (version 21H2 or higher)
  • 64 bit Windows 10 (version 21H2 or higher)

®Intel Core ™i5 Series (4th generation) or AMD Ryzen ™

4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended)

70 GB free HD space

Graphics card with native Windows 10 support (minimum)
AMD R or RX series and later or NVIDIA Series 700 and later recommended

Graphics Card with Metal support (Mac only)

4GB GPU memory or higher for 4k displays

OS-compatible audio hardware ASIO compatible audio hardware recommended for low latency

Internet connection is required for download of installation package, license activation, account setup and personal/product registration

Note: 32 bit plug ins are not supported. VST 2 plug ins only run in Rosetta 2 mode on Apple silicon based Mac computers. Nuendo does not support VST 2 when running natively on Apple silicon Macs.

For recommended systems and support of future operating systems, please refer to the Support section at

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