Tama The Classic Single Kick Drum Pedal

Tama The Classic Single Kick Drum Pedal Tama The Classic Single Kick Drum Pedal Tama The Classic Single Kick Drum Pedal Tama The Classic Single Kick Drum Pedal Tama The Classic Single Kick Drum Pedal
Tama The Classic Single Kick Drum Pedal
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Tama The Classic Single Kick Drum Pedal

While super complex and technical playing can wow audiences, sometimes a simpler and stripped down approach is even more moving. Sometimes, eliminating everything but the most essential can produce greater creativity and boosts interaction between players and audiences. A similar relationship exists between players and their instruments. Very simple instruments and setups can often conversely stimulate the creativity of players. 

The Classic Pedal is just that – a drum pedal taking a sophisticated path to simplicity, to stimulate joy and creativity from its player. 
Due to their simple, user-friendly nature, vintage pedals have remained popular in modern times, when technology and innovation abound. While taking inspiration from vintage models, we also incorporated years of product research and development, and condensed it into this simple structure. 

The streamlined footboard was carefully designed, with great attention to detail, so that it is easy to use in any playing style. We developed a height adjustment mechanism that precisely strikes the center of the head, for a range of bass drum sizes. And above all, its weight balance achieves a very natural feel and response, while still delivering power and nuance. This comfortable feeling allows that player to forget about the pedal itself and instead focus on playing music, naturally inspiring joy and creativity.

Smooth Surface Footboard

The newly designed classic style footboard features lightweight construction and smooth surface, making it a great choice for any drumming style.

Center Strike Height Adjust

By simply loosening the square head bolt of the side pillar, you can change the height of the beater shaft. This makes it possible to have the beater strike the center of the bass drum without using a bass drum lifter or adjusting the length of the beater.

Easy Access Spring Adjustment

This unique Easy Adjust Spring Post allows you to adjust the spring tension while still sitting on the drum throne because of its top mounted construction. This means you can adjust the tension while actually checking the resulting feel simultaneously.

The Classic Beater

This traditional style round beater has a slightly tapered shape. It allows you to hit the bass drum evenly, and provides a warm sound with clear articulation.
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Individual Adjustment of Beater & Footboard Angle

Using a drum key, you can adjust the beater angle as desired. Also, by changing the chain position on the sprocket, you can adjust the footboard angle independently of the beater angle.

Easy-Tight Hoop Clamp

We set the screw to tighten the hoop clamp on the outside of the pedal frame, making it quick and easy to set and remove.

Compact Folding Design

This pedal can be folded compactly to store it in a pedal bag. By tilting the spring post toward you, it becomes a compact right-angle triangle.

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