Vox VX50KB 50-Watt Keyboard Amp

Vox VX50KB 50-Watt Keyboard Amp Vox VX50KB 50-Watt Keyboard Amp Vox VX50KB 50-Watt Keyboard Amp Vox VX50KB 50-Watt Keyboard Amp Vox VX50KB 50-Watt Keyboard Amp
Vox VX50KB 50-Watt Keyboard Amp
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Vox VX50KB 50-Watt Keyboard Amp

The compact and lightweight VX series is joined by a new 50W model, specialized for keyboard and featuring Nutube, the new vacuum tube. With a coaxial speaker that outputs clear sound even to the high-frequency range, and a bass reflex structure that reproduces rich low-frequency sound with ample power, this amp delivers high-quality sound from a compact and lightweight unit. The three-channel design provides an independent volume control for each channel, and CH3 also supports mic input. This amp can also function as a simple and easily transportable PA system. A full complement of input/output jacks is also provided, including an AUX IN jack, headphone jack, and a LINE OUT jack for connection to a PA system. This amp is also ideal for on-stage use as a monitor amp.

In spite of its high 50W of output power, the lightweight 4.1 kg (9lbs) body and compact design mean that transportation is easy. The one-piece ABS chassis ensures high durability and great sound quality while keeping the weight light.

By using Nutube, the new vacuum tube, this amp achieves an output power of 50W while being compact, lightweight, and power-efficient. In addition to enjoying the rich overtones and sonic power of vacuum tubes, you'll also appreciate the clear tone with compression that particularly enhances piano and electric piano sounds.

The coaxial two-way speaker features a powerful eight-inch speaker plus tweeter. From a bountiful low range to clear highs, the output is transparent-sounding while ensuring a sense of volume. Another major advantage is the excellent sense of positioning that you receive from the VX50’s coaxial speaker. Even the sparkling highs of a piano or synthesizer will be expressed in every detail.

A proprietary, optimized bass reflex structure is used, with every detail adjusted specifically for the response of keyboard instruments. The chassis uses ABS polymer for its light weight, durability, and excellent acoustic properties. This allows for  a 3D design that would be impossible with wooden material and achieves the ideal cabinet resonance. In addition, wood is used for the baffle, achieving the optimal resonance for a keyboard amp. While the chassis is polymer, a distinctive sense of high quality is emanated by the stony-finish exterior and a white/black color scheme based on a keyboard motif.The three-band master EQ with BASS, MIDDLE, and TREBLE controls is common to the three channels. It provides basic and flexible control that you need to shape your sound.

This unit's three-channel design meets the needs of any scene: three keyboards, two keyboards and a mic, or a stereo keyboard output plus a mic. It can also act as a simple PA system. In addition to a master volume, independent volume controls are also provided for each channel 1–3. Furthermore, each channel also has a CLIP indicator to prevent distortion caused by excessive volume. CH3 is also equipped with a PHASE switch. When a mic is connected to CH3, this switch can be used to correct phase interference with instruments that are connected to CH1 and CH2 or to reduce low-frequency acoustic feedback. A full complement of input/output jacks are also provided, including an AUX IN jack for connecting your audio player or rhythm machine to enjoy jam sessions, a LINE OUT jack that can be used for connection to a PA system, and a headphone jack that's ideal for practicing at home.


  • High 50W of output power from a revolutionary, lightweight, and compact unit.

  • The warm vacuum tube sound of Nutube.

  • Coaxial speaker delivers clear output extending to the high-frequency range.

  • Bass reflex structure ensures ample output and rich low-frequency reproduction.

  • Three-channel design, with independent volume controls.

  • Three-band master EQ for flexibly controlling the sound.

  • CH3 input can be switched between LINE/MIC, and provides a PHASE switch.

  • A rich selection of input/output jacks includes AUX in, PHONES out, and LINE out.

  • Input/output jacks:INPUT CH1: 1/4” phone jack (unbalanced)

                                            INPUT CH2: 1/4” phone jack (unbalanced)

                                            INPUT CH3: 1/4” phone jack (unbalanced) mic/line switchable

                                            AUX IN: 1/8” stereo mini phone jack

                                            LINE OUT: 1/4” phone jack (unbalanced)

                                            Headphone: 1/8” stereo mini phone jack

  • Valve: Nutube 6P1 
  • Equalizer:BASS: ±10dB@100Hz

                             MIDDLE: ±10dB@700Hz

                             TREBLE: ±10dB@10kHz 

  • Output power: Maximum approx. 50W RMS 

  • Speaker: VOX Original 8” speaker with tweeter (2-way coaxial) 

  • Power supply: AC adapter (DC 19V) 

  • Current consumption: 3.42A 

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 354 mm × 208mm × 313mm / 13.94" × 8.19" × 12.32" 

  • Weight: 4.1 kg / 9.04 lbs. 

  • Included items: AC adapter (DC 19V), power cord

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