XLN Audio Fairfax V1 ADPak (Digital Download)

XLN Audio Fairfax V1 ADPak (Digital Download) XLN Audio Fairfax V1 ADPak (Digital Download)
XLN Audio Fairfax V1 ADPak (Digital Download)
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XLN Audio Fairfax V1 ADPak (Digital Download)

Nirvana. Slayer. Tool. Rage Against the Machine. The list goes on and on. Amazing rock bands with seminal albums all recorded in this one legendary room. Now you can have the extraordinary drum sounds of this studio in your own music.

When the decision was made to record the ultimate modern rock drums, one studio immediately came to mind: Fairfax Recordings. This Los Angeles studio (formerly known as Sound City) has been the birthplace of so many landmark albums, the discography reads like a "Greatest Hits of Rock!" The fully restored studio is now privately held and cannot be rented by the public, but with this ADpak you can access its incredible drum sounds.

Few studios are important enough to have a feature-length documentary made about them. The studio at Fairfax Recordings (formerly known as Sound City) is one of those places. Since 1969, this unassuming Los Angeles facility has been the birthplace of so many chart-topping and culturally important albums, it's nothing short of amazing. The well-maintained vintage gear, the irreplaceable microphones, and the room itself are first-rate and we think it shows in our result!

Fairfax Vol. 1 features a vintage Gretsch "Stop Sign" kit with a Craviotto Custom Shop snare and an ultra-rare Tama Bell Brass snare (nicknamed "the Terminator"). The ADpak includes 31 professionally-designed presets that deliver beefy, punchy, muscular drums—the kind of sounds that make American rock great. If you need further inspiration, our American Rock MIDIpak has tons of professionally played beats (all based on great rock songs) to get you started.

Fairfax Vol. 1 contains


24x16" Gretsch Stop Sign


  • 14x6.5" Tama Bell Brass (a.k.a. "The Terminator")
  • 14x7" Craviotto Custom Shop


  • 12x8" Gretsch Stop Sign
  • 13x9" Gretsch Stop Sign
  • 14x14" Gretsch Stop Sign (low tuned)
  • 14x14" Gretsch Stop Sign (high tuned)


  • 16" Iveson's Custom Hihat
  • 18" Zildjian K Dark Thin Crash
  • 20" Zildjian K Crash Ride
  • 20" Zildjian Low China
  • 24" Iveson's Selection Dark Ride


  • Gretsch Stop Sign Tom Shell Hit
  • Handclap (3 people)
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