Alesis MultiMix 16 USB FX 16-Channel Mixer with Effects and USB Audio

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Alesis MultiMix 16 USB FX 16-Channel Mixer with Effects and USB Audio

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Mix the whole band, add effects, and interface with your Mac or PC.

Get the job done with the incredibly agile Alesis MultiMix 16 USB FX. This versatile live and recording mixer offers built-in digital effects—plus, it serves double duty as a USB audio interface. Now you can mix, remix, and record to your computer, all at the same time. The low-profile MultiMix 16 USB FX is compact, convenient, easy to use, and comes well equipped with the features professionals demand. Brimming with hardware controls and connections, the MultiMix 16 USB FX can make the most of any mixing or recording opportunity. Cubase 6 LE recording software is included to help get you started.


Each channel is equipped with a smooth 60mm fader, a pan knob, a multi-band EQ, plus mute and solo buttons with LED indicators. In addition, each channel offers a send knob—complete with pre- and post- fader switching—to deliver the correct amount of signal to the onboard DSP effects. The pre-fader aux knobs are ideal for creating a separate monitor mix.


The MultiMix 16 USB FX provides three distinct input categories, offering the versatility needed to deliver superior results from any audio source. All XLR input channels (Channels 1-8) provide a gain knob for setting the proper input level, and a low-cut filter to reduce unwanted low-frequency interference.Channels 1-4 are perfect for lead vocals or acoustic instruments, delivering detailed tone control and a wide array of input versatility. The three-band EQ features sweep-able mids. Each input offers an XLR jack-tied to a discrete-design preamp with selectable phantom power, a 1/4" line input, and a 1/4" TRS insert jack. Channels 5-8 are excellent for mic’ing drums or instruments, as well as backing vocals. Channel 8 includes a guitar direct switch, allowing a guitar or bass to be plugged directly into the MultiMix USB FX without the need for a level or impedance matching preamp. Offering a three-band EQ with a fixed mid frequency, these channels are otherwise identical to Channels 1-4.Channels 9-16 have been set as stereo pairs, offering 1/4" Left and Right inputs and a two-band EQ. These channels are ideal for stereo sources such as a keyboard, electronic drum set, drum machine, external mixer, etc.


Take your pick from eight premium digital effects, ranging from plate and hall reverb mainstays, to specialties such as rotary speaker and flanger effects. There are fifteen variations in all—plus an effect bypass. The effect amounts can be set individually for each channel, either before or after (pre/post) the main fader setting for added versatility. The FX Send jack allows this same signal to be used with an external effects processor.


The master section of the MultiMix 16 USB FX is packed with extras. The main output features left and right 1/4" outputs, a 60mm fader, plus dual multi-color five-segment LED meters. The stereo 1/4" headphone output is equipped with its own level control, making it great for both checking the mix live and private recording. There are Master send and return knobs for both the FX and Aux busses. You’ll even find RCA 2-Track tape inputs and outputs. The Monitor output features an independent level control plus left and right 1/4" outputs.


Your Alesis MultiMix 16 USB FX mixer is also your USB computer audio interface, providing two channels of audio recording and two channels of audio playback with your Mac or PC. This single-cable USB connection provides 16-bit digital audio at either 44.1 (CD-quality) or 48 kHz. The USB playback can be routed to the MultiMix 16 USB FX main outputs, monitor outputs, or both for maximum flexibility.



  • Ideal for live or home/project studio use

  • 8 mono channels with XLR and 1/4" inputs, phantom power, and TRS inserts

  • 4 stereo-paired channels with 1/4" inputs

  • Guitar/line-level input switch on Channel 8

  • 8 types of onboard effects with individual sends

  • Built-in 2-channel USB audio interface (16-bit; 44.1 or 48 kHz) allows for direct computer recording

  • Includes Cubase® 6 LE

  • This product is class compliant; it does not require drivers

What's In the Box?

  • MultiMix 16 USB FX

  • Power Supply

  • Quickstart Guide

  • Safety & Warranty Manual


  • Channels 1-8 (mono):

  • Mic: XLR with switchable phantom power

  • Line: 1/4" Mono

  • Insert: 1/4" TRS

  • Low-cut (80 Hz) filter

  • Gain Knob

  • Guitar Direct (Channel 8)

  • Channels 9-16 (stereo pairs):

  • Line: 1/4" Left, Right

  • 2-Track: RCA Left, Right

  • Aux Return: 1/4" Left, Right


  • Main: 1/4" Left, Right

  • Monitor: 1/4" Left, Right

  • 2-Track: RCA Left, Right

  • Aux Send: 1/4"

  • FX Send: 1/4"

  • Headphones: Stereo 1/4"

USB Audio

  • 2-Channel Audio In

  • 2-Channel Audio Out

  • 16-bit; 44.1/48 kHz


  • Height: 2.75"

  • Depth: 15.75"

  • Width: 15.04"

  • Weight: 8.37 lbs

Plug-and-play class compliant (no drivers needed) with: 
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8
Mac OS X 10.6, OS X 10.7, and OS X 10.8.

Class compliant; no drivers required.

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