FiiO RC-UE2 Headphone Cable for UE

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  • Wire Core: Silver plated copper

  • Outer Skin: Teflon *FEP

  • Knitting structure with 8 separate wires

  • Independent ground wire for left and right channel

  • 11pcs of wire cores make up one separate wire

  • 3.5mm stereo sound, straight plug, copper plated gold

  • RC-UE2: plug with hollow design

  • Outstanding tension-resistant

  • Strong aging-resistant against long time of usage

Additional Information

Condition New
UPC 6953175730231
  • Length: 120cm (excluding the plug)

  • Diameter of the conductor: 26AWG(Ф0.4mm)

  • Diameter of the conductor with the outer skin: Ф0.6mm

  • Diameter of the wire: Ф2.5mm

  • Impedance of single track for the wire: 0.16Ω(1200mm)

  • Suitable temperature: -80-200℃

  • Voltage resistance: 150V

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