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Korg Pa300 Professional Arranger Keyboard & USB-MIDI Interface, 61 Keys

Korg Pa300 Professional Arranger Keyboard & USB-MIDI Interface, 61 Keys Korg Pa300 Professional Arranger Keyboard & USB-MIDI Interface, 61 Keys Korg Pa300 Professional Arranger Keyboard & USB-MIDI Interface, 61 Keys Korg Pa300 Professional Arranger Keyboard & USB-MIDI Interface, 61 Keys
Korg Pa300 Professional Arranger Keyboard & USB-MIDI Interface, 61 Keys

Listen and Believe
The Pa300 is the latest keyboard in the KORG Pa series of internationally acclaimed and bestselling musical arrangers. It’s compact, inexpensive and powerful, with the most up-to-date collection of quality sounds and Styles. Using the built in Styles, you can quickly and easily play along with a backing band or even create your own music. The Pa300 is not only fun to play any time you like, but it’s the ideal way for people of all ages to write and perform music!

  • Enhanced RX (Real eXperience) sound engine offers improved realism and vivid sound
  • Massive internal Factory PCM equivalent to the best-selling Pa600
  • Elegantly designed and compact plastic cabinet includes a pristine amplification system
  • 5” TouchView color TFT display
  • Easy layout and intuitive graphical interface with Search function for easy retrieval of any musical resource or file
  • Over 310 factory Styles, each including 3 Intros/Endings, 4 variations and 4 Fill In + Break, plus 8 Favorite and 3 User banks for storage of your favorite Styles. Enhanced Guitar Mode 2 provides even more realistic guitar parts.
  • Improved GM set for Standard MIDI Files, MP3 player with Transpose and Tempo Change, compatibility with popular Lyric formats including graphical (+G), Text Viewer and Score.
  • 4 Stereo Master Effects (125 FX algorithms)
  • Fully programmable SongBook database based on Styles, SMF, Karaoke and MP3 files with instant recall of any song setting. User-definable custom lists, plus Filtering and Ordering options.

The Pa300 is an easy to use and brilliant new Professional Arranger distilling the sonic essence and functionality of the highly acclaimed Korg Pa series into a compact and affordable musical instrument. Like its big brothers - the Pa900 and the Pa600 - the Pa300 uses our RX (Real eXperience) technology to deliver a sound that’s unprecedented in an arranger keyboard. With its compact cabinet design, TFT color TouchView display, large factory PCM memory, various Style database and powerful amplification system, KORG raises the standard of excellence in the entry-level price range.


Sound quality is first-rate
It all begins with the sound. KORG sound quality is universally recognized as superior, and relied on by musicians around the world. First in its class, the Pa300 delivers an even richer, more detailed, sophisticated natural sound than ever before, with musical instruments from almost every genre brimming with depth, nuance, subtlety, accuracy and richness. Over 950 sounds are preloaded, including a renewed GM soundset, and 64 drum kits. There is also an amazing multilayer stereo acoustic piano, accurately sampled from a Concert Grand, which includes string and damper pedal resonance. *Sounds are fully editable and changes can be saved in the User area.

A full complement of Effects
Of course great sound is about more than the instruments. For many years, KORG has produced outstanding studio quality effects that are simply breathtaking. The Pa300 has 4 Stereo Master Effects processors, with 125 of these effects including standards such as Reverb, Delay and Chorus and some of the universally acclaimed REMS guitar based effects for authentic guitar tones. Each Track features an EQ with Low, Mid and High controls. A custom track EQ can be memorized in the general preferences for the Song Play mode. This will help adapting the sound to personal taste for any MIDI file you play. Need a lighter bass track? Save the right equalization, and the bass will stay light with all the subsequent Songs.

A final 4 band parametric EQ is added to the sound output of the Pa300. Everything can be processed by this powerful and musically refined EQ, easily adapting the sound to your musical taste or correcting a problematic live context.

Styles are professional quality
Matching this high sound quality, the Pa300 delivers a new set of deluxe Styles, programmed by some of the leading arrangers in the world; each one bringing unique musical strengths. The result is hundreds of preloaded Styles that provide unparalleled realism and detail. Covering an expanded range of musical genres, the Pa300 gives you Styles for almost every important occasion.
We add further realism to your performance with four Fills/ Breaks plus 3 Intros and 3 Endings. More flexibility is added by the choice of different transposition tables, and the stunning Guitar Mode 2 adds a totally new perspective to Style Guitar tracks. *If you require a special Style collection, simply record and edit your own Styles on board.

Composition support functions
Automatic accompaniment with rich, detailed realistic backing patterns (Styles) created by professional programmers from around the world will provide useful ideas for your arrangements. Simply play a chord progression and the Quick Record function will complete the basic backing tracks. The Pa300 is a simple but powerful composition tool for any musician!

Compact, yet powerful
The Pa300 is one of the easiest arrangers to carry around. But while its size might appear diminutive, it’s not the same with regard to the power of the onboard, exceptionally high-quality custom designed amplification system. The 2 x 13 Watt amplifiers drive the 2 loudspeakers in a bass-reflex box to generate a rich, powerful listening experience.

Easy to use
With all the technological power packed inside, it was vital that we also made the Pa300 easy to understand and easy to use. But even more, we wanted the entire user experience with the Pa300 to be an intuitive, musical, fast, fool proof process. The panel layout has been revised and our graphical user interface uses an amazing Graphical Color Touch Screen so you simply think, point and click for easy and intuitive use.
There are two interface modes so that a musician of any level can start making great music quickly: Easy and Expert. The Easy mode shows only the most important controls, while keeping a clean and straightforward interface, useful for beginners or playing live. Nothing stands between you and your professional performance. Of course, in Expert mode you have full editing control.


  • Keyboard
    • 61 keys
    • Velocity sensitivity is supported
  • System
    • Upgradable Operating System
    • RX (Real eXperience)
    • Multitasking, Load while play feature
  • Tone Generator
    • 128 Voices, 128 Oscillators
    • Filters with Resonance
    • Three band EQ for each track
  • Effects
    • Up to 4 Stereo Digital Multi-Effect block systems
    • 125 Master Effect types
    • Master 4 band Parametric EQ

Sounds / Drum Kits

  • Factory:
    • More than 950, including Stereo Piano and GM2 sound compatibility
    • 64 Drum Kits
    • Full Sound and Drum Kit editing capability
  • User:
    • 256 Sounds
    • 128 Drum Kits


  • Factory:
    • More than 310 Preload Styles
    • Full Style editing capability
  • User: Up to 1,040 available Style locations including the Favorite/User banks
  • Structure: Eight Style tracks, 4 Single Touch Settings, 4 Pads, and one Style

Performance per Style

  • Style Controls: 3 Intros, 4 Variations, 4 Fills, Break, 3 Endings, Auto fill, Synchro Start/Stop, Tap Tempo/Reset, Manual Bass, Bass Inversion, Memory, Accompaniment On/Off, Kick & Snare Designation
  • Style Others: Guitar Mode 2, Parallel and Fixed NTT
  • Performance / STS: 240 Keyboard Performance locations, My Setting special Performance
  • STS: Memorize Keyboard tracks - Up to 4 x 1040 Styles, up to 4 x SongBook entries
  • Keyboard Tracks: Four Keyboard tracks (Upper 1, 2, 3, Lower)
  • Pads
    • 4 Pad tracks + Stop button Full Pad editing capability
    • Full Pad editing capability
  • Song Play
    • Player with select, Start/Stop, Home, Rewind and Fast Forward controls
    • Jukebox function – Compatible with SMF (format 0 and 1) and MP3 – Lyrics (compatible with CGD), Score
  • MP3 Player
    • MP3 Player
    • Transpose (+6/-5 semitones)
    • Tempo change (±30%)
  • Sequencer
    • Quick Record (Backing Sequence)
    • Multitrack and Step Record functions - Full-featured sequencer - 16 tracks - Up to 100,000 events
    • SMF format
  • SongBook: Fully programmable music database, based on Styles, SMF, Karaoke, MP3 with automatic selection of Style Play and Song Play modes – User-definable custom lists - Filtering options
  • Search: Style, Song, Performance, SongBook, Sound and Lyrics TXT
  • Compatibility
    • ""i-Series"" models: Styles
    • “Pa series” model Style, Performance, Sound, Song, SongBook, Pad
  • General Controls: Master Volume, Real Time-Acc/Seq Balance Volume, Ensemble, Upper Tracks Octave Transpose, Master Transpose, Tempo Lock, Quarter Tone Arabic Scale, User Scale memorized inside Performance/STS, Search, Lyrics, Score, Dial, Tempo, Metronome, Split, Joystick


  • Control Inputs: Assignable Pedal/Footswitch (Damper)
  • Headphone/Outputs: Unbalanced Stereo Jack
  • MIDI: USB to MIDI using the USB Device port – 8 user definable MIDI Presets
  • USB
    • USB-MIDI Interface
    • Type A (TO DEVICE): 1 (Rear)
    • Type B (TO HOST): 1 (Rear)
    • 2.0 Hi Speed connections
  • Mass Storage: USB Memory Stick
  • Display: Color TouchView™ 5” (480 x 272 dots) TFT display

Speaker System

  • Amplification: 13 W x 2
  • Speakers: 10 cm x 2 Double Cone Speakers in Bass Reflex Box


  • Power Supply: AC 100-240 V
  • Power Consumption: 18 Watt
  • Dimensions(W x D x H): 1,030 x 378.3 x 127 mm / 40.55 x 14.89 x 5.00 inches (without music stand);
  • Weight: 8.35 kg / 18.41 lbs
  • Accessories: Quick Guide, Music Stand, External Power Supply Adapter and Power Cable, Accessory DVD (Including Video Manual)
  • Options
    • EXP-2 - Expression/Volume Pedal
    • XVP-10 - Professional Expression/Volume Pedal
    • DS-1H - Damper Pedal
    • PS-1/PS-3 Switch Pedal
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