MAGIX Soundforge Audio Cleaning Lab 4 (Digital Download)

MAGIX Soundforge Audio Cleaning Lab 4 (Digital Download)
MAGIX Soundforge Audio Cleaning Lab 4 (Digital Download)
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MAGIX Soundforge Audio Cleaning Lab 4 (Digital Download)

Cleaning and editing your recordings is now even easier Remove noise from audio files and optimize the sound of recordings and video audio. Digitize vintage recordings and achieve perfect, clean sound for your old records, CDs and cassettes. Make custom edits and mixes of your media. SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab 4: The fourth generation of this all-around tool delivers impressive workflows and innovative effect presets as well as powerful cleaning and mastering plug-ins from iZotope.

Quick & easy-to-use Quick & easy-to-use 

With a wide range of wizards, presets, 1-click solutions and a clearly laid out interface, cleaning your audio files' sounds is simple.


Record sound from tapes & records Record sound from tapes & LPs 
Easily transfer individual songs and entire albums from records and tapes to your PC and record vocals for podcasts and other projects in outstanding studio quality at up to 96 kHz/24-bit. 

Import sound from CDs & videos 
Import sound from CDs & videos Import CDs, old audio sources or video audio files to your PC with a few easy clicks and then start editing your media right away. Export 


Once you've imported and edited audio from your records, tapes or CDs, you can easily export it in any standard format such as MP3, WAV, OGG and FLAC.


NEW! Shape your own unique sound with modernEQ 

The new modernEQ equalizer allows for easier, more precise mixing. You can amplify, cut and shape sounds with complete precision while using the wide range of filter options in each EQ band. Custom editing options for audio tracks help you shape your own unique sound for projects. Easily manage projects using Track control 

NEW! Easily manage projects using the Track controls 

Keep track of all essential track control options at a glance and adjust volume, panorama & levels quickly and easily using Track controls. Additionally, full control of the solo and mute settings lets you focus on any specific track settings and information so that you can give your project your full attention. Search for & find presets fast with the plug-in browser 

NEW! Search for & find presets fast with the plug-in browser 

Rediscover the full potential of your plug-in collection with the plug-in browser extension. Enjoy quick and direct access to the matching sounds by displaying all available instruments and effects using keywords and filters. Save your favorites for easy access in the future, so you'll always have the perfect sound at your fingertips.

Highlights NEW! modernEQ NEW! Track controls NEW! Preset search in the plug-in browser NEW! Loudness visualization NEW! Improved audio engine and ARA2 support NEW! SpectraLayers Elements 9 NEW! iZotope RX 10 Elements & iZotope Ozone 10 Elements VST3 interface for seamless integration of external plug-ins Professional tools for precision audio editing


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