Radial Engineering Tonebone 15V DC Power Supply

Radial Engineering Tonebone 15V DC Power Supply Radial Engineering Tonebone 15V DC Power Supply
Radial Engineering Tonebone 15V DC Power Supply
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Our 15V Radial power supply provides power to most Radial and Tonebone products that do not require a standard 9V power source. This product provides an output of 15V, 400mA at a center-pin positive polarity.

IMPORTANT: We should note that any Radial product that requires this power supply cannot be powered by a standard 9V outlet that are common on most external power bricks. Doing so may cause damage to your product.

  • Studio Tools - Switchers
    • Backtrack: Stereo Audio Switcher
    • Cherry Picker: 4-Channel Preamp Selector
    • Gold Digger: 4-Channel Mic Selector
    • Headbone VT: Amp Head Switcher
    • JX-42: Guitar and Amp Switcher
    • Relay Xo: Active Output Switcher
    • SW8: Auto-Switcher
    • Switchbone V2: Amp Switcher & Booster
    • Voco-Loco: Effects Switcher for Voice or Instrument
  • Direct Box - Instrument Preamp
    • Bassbone V2: Bass Preamp & Boost
    • Bassbone OD: Bass Preamp & Overdrive
    • PZ-Deluxe: Acoustic Preamp
    • PZ-Pre: Acoustic Preamp
  • Reamp
    • EXTC-SA: Guitar Effects Interface
    • X-Amp: Active Reamp
  • Direct Box
    • Headload Prodigy: Load Box and DI
    • J33: Phono Preamp & DI
    • JDX 48: Amplifier Direct Box
  • Interfaces
    • J+4: Stereo Line Driver
    • MC3: Monitor Controller
    • Phazer: Phase Adjuster
    • SGI: Guitar Interface System
    • Studio-Q: Studio Talkback Controller
    • Twinline: Effects Loop Interface
  • Splitters
    • JD7: Guitar Distro & Splitter
  • Interfaces - Mixers
    • Key-Largo: Keyboard Mixer
  • Accessories
    • SB-48: Phantom Power Supply
  • Interfaces - Line Driver
    • SGI-44: Guitar Signal Extender
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