Slate Digital Transient Shaper (Digital Download)

Slate Digital Transient Shaper (Digital Download) Slate Digital Transient Shaper (Digital Download)
Slate Digital Transient Shaper (Digital Download)
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Slate Digital Transient Shaper (Digital Download)

Transient Shaper is an incredibly flexible sound sculptor that gives you the ability to shape, manipulate and target sounds across their entire frequency range with a unique ‘Focus’ feature. Perfect for tightening drums, boosting bass hits, elevating instrument and vocal stacks or gluing separate sounds together, Transient Shaper is as powerful as it is intuitive.

PRECISE CONTROL Frequency-Focusing Sliders

Transient Shaper’s Focus sliders give new meaning to the words “precise control.” Use the sliders to select the specific frequency ranges you’d like to process, or hold Shift when sliding to enable bandpass processing.

FLEXIBLE PROCESSING Extra Tone-Shaping Tools

Transient Shaper lets you get really granular with your sound shaping. There’s a Warmth knob to add saturation to your transient, a Time knob so you can adjust the length of the transient being processed, and a Listen button that isolates the transient or tail of your sound so you can hear your changes independently and blend samples seamlessly.

MOST AUTHENTIC ANALOG The Legendary Virtual Mix Rack

Transient Shaper joins the ranks of Virtual Mix Rack, our award-winning mega-collection of digital mixing modules and recreations of classic analog hardware. Virtual Mix Rack (or VMR) is home to a wealth of pristine recreations of famous outboard gear, so you can build and use your dream mix rack without spending thousands of dollars.


  • Advanced Sound Sculpting Plugin
  • Newest addition to Virtual Mix Rack ecosystem
  • Control both detected transient and tail of source
  • Level-independent transient processing
  • Focus’ sliders apply processing to specific frequencies
  • ‘Warmth’ knob adds level-independent saturation
  • ‘Time’ knob affects length of transient or tail of sound
  • ‘Listen’ button isolates specific section on output
  • Excellent tool for blending complementary sounds
  • Software Type: Dynamics Processor
  • OS Compatibility: Mac, PC
  • Plugin Architecture: 64-bit
  • Format: VST2, VST3, AU, AAX
  • Hardware Requirements, Mac: Intel or Apple Silicon Processor
  • Hardware Requirements, PC: Intel or AMD Processor, 4GB RAM
  • OS Requirements, Mac: macOS 10.15 or later (macOS 11 or later rec.)
  • OS Requirements, PC: Windows 10 or 11
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