(2) D.A.S. Audio VANTEC 215A Speakers and (2) 18A Subwoofers with Cables

(2) D.A.S. Audio VANTEC 215A Speakers and (2) 18A Subwoofers with Cables
(2) D.A.S. Audio VANTEC 215A Speakers and (2) 18A Subwoofers with Cables
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D.A.S. Audio VANTEC 18A 18" 1500W Active Bi-Amped 2-Way Speaker

The Vantec 18A is a powered subwoofer system designed to provide extended bass response for the Vantec full-range cabinets. A 1500Wpeak advanced Class D amplifier drives a D.A.S. 18LX long excursion loudspeaker incorporates a 4″ voice coil for high power handling and output. 

The Vantec 18A subwoofer system offers two balanced inputs with stereo filtered output connections for Vantec satellite systems. The variable crossover ranges from 80 Hz-125 Hz and can be defeated to offer stereo “loop thru” connections. A gain control and polarity reverse feature increase user control over the system. A standard 35 mm pole mount socket allows the Vantec 18A to be used with satellite systems.



  • Powered subwoofer system 
  • High output 18LX loudspeaker 
  • Polarity switch (0º-180º) 
  • Filtered output defeat switch 
  • Variable 80-125 Hz low-pass filter 
  • Gain control


D.A.S. Audio VANTEC 215A 15" 2250W Active Dual Bi-Amped 2-Way Speaker

The Vantec 215A is equipped with twin 15F woofers for applications requiring higher SPL overall and a more powerful bass response, such as mobile DJ´s, live performances or any type of event that needs the added punch.

The three channel amplifier offers 2250W peakand operates in a “dual-band” configuration where each loudspeaker operates in a specific frequency range. The impressively small size and light weight of the electronics package makes the Vantec series amps one of the worlds lightest.

Digital Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters are used in the signal processing of the powered Vantec systems. User configurable voicing, filters, EQ modes, and gain control are achieved by way of a rotary-knob interface and LCD screen on the rear of the cabinet. The Vantec series allows users to wirelessly stream music from mobiles devices.



  • Twin 15″ powered 3-way system
  • Increased output capacity
  • Ultra light weight Class D amplifier with SMPS
  • User definable 24-bit DSP with LCD screen
  • Presets: Live, Dance, Vocals, Bass Boost, Vocals & Mode
  • Stackable 3-band EQ
  • High-Definition wireless streaming of music in stereo
  • Rigging points


Pig Hog PHM50 8mm Microphone XLR Cable 50ft

Pig Hog cables are precisely overbuilt to stand up to the most grueling tour conditions imaginable. They feature extra-thick 8mm wire, performance quality connectors, and tension-resistant stress relief. And with Pig Hog's "no question" lifetime guarantee, we've got your back for the life of the cable. Don't settle for those fat-free cables. Grab hold of a Pig Hog!


  • High performance microphone cable

  • 8mm high quality rubber outer covering

  • Heat shrink protected connectors

  • Lifetime guarantee

D.A.S. Audio VANTEC 215A 15" 2250W Active Dual Bi-Amped 2-Way Speaker

Amplifier Power 2250 Wpeak
Class D, Tri-amplified
Frequency Range (-10 dB) 40 Hz - 20 kHz
Rated Peak SPL at 1 m 138 dB
Dispersion 90º x 50º
Enclosure Material Birch Plywood
Color/Finish Black ISO-flex Paint
Connectors INPUT: 2 x Female XLR
AUX: 1 x 3.5 mm (1/8)"
AC Requirements 115 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
230 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D) 108 x 44.4 x 50.2 cm
42.5 x 17.5 x 19.8 in

41 kg (90.2 lb)


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