ADJ American DJ 18P Hex RGBAW+UV Par x 4 + Bag + Cables

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ADJ American DJ 18P Hex RGBAW+UV Par x 4 + Bag + Cables
ADJ American DJ 18P Hex RGBAW+UV Par x 4 + Bag + Cables
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ADJ American DJ 18P Hex RGBAW+UV Par x 4 + Bag + Cables

ADJ American DJ 18P Hex RGBAW+UV Par Fixture - Black

Introducing the latest addition to the ADJ range of LED-powered par fixtures: the 18P Hex. Offering 6-in-1 LEDs and an extremely tough case, this is our most powerful LED Par to-date. If you’re looking for an extremely powerful wash light, capable of projecting richly-saturated colors over a substantial distance, look no further than this feature-packed fixture.

Boasting an array of 18 potent 12-Watt LEDs, the 18P Hex is an immensely powerful par can. It also allows for the creation of a wide variety of colors and hues thanks to its 6-in-1 light-sources, which each integrate a red, green, blue, amber, white, and UV element. This means that these fixtures can not only be used to generate a variety of vibrant colors, but also stark white and warm white light, as well as UV-infused effects.

With a beam angle of 25-degrees, the fixture is equally suited to stage lighting, dancefloor washing, and up lighting, in venues ranging from nightclubs to theatres and churches to concert halls. It’s flexible design also makes it ideal for temporary installations, meaning that it is ideal for use by mobile entertainers and event production companies. It is also provided with a gel frame, which can be used to position a diffuser in front of the LEDs to soften the beam if you ever find yourself requiring a broader wash.

A professional-caliber fixture, the 18P Hex is housed in a tough metal case that has been designed to protect the LEDs and internal electronics from knocks and bumps sustained during transit. It also features locking powerCON sockets to prevent loose connections and accidental power disconnection. The inclusion of both input and output sockets for mains power also means that multiple units can be connected to the same power supply, reducing the number of cable needed, especially when lighting is required all around a room. Up to 4 fixtures can be connected from a single supply at 110V, while this number increases to 8 at 240V.

Setting up an up-lighting system is further simplified by the 18P Hex thanks to its intelligently positioned power and DMX connectors. This patent-pending ADJ technology involves the input sockets (for both power and DMX) located on one side of the case and the output sockets on the other. This means that the unit can sit on the rubber feet mounted to its back panel, pointing directly upwards, with the two sets of cables running neatly out from each side to neighboring fixtures.

The unit is also fitted with a versatile dual bracket, which locks firmly into place via a pair of large plastic thumb screws. Split into two, this can be used to stand the fixture directly on a floor, stage, or riser, pointing up or out at any angle. It can then also be used to hang the unit from a truss or lighting stand by sliding the two pieces together to create one single bracket.

As with all of ADJ’s range of LED pars, the 18P Hex offers a wide variety of operating modes. These can easily be selected using the four-digit LED screen, and corresponding push buttons, located on the rear panel of the fixture. For simple static-colored lighting, the rear panel can be used to easily select any of the unit’s 63 built-in color macros.

For remote control, the fixture is compatible with ADJ’s Dotz Par RF wireless hand controller (sold separately) as well as any standard DMX control system (connected via XLR). Four different channel modes can be selected for DMX control (6, 7, 8, and 12), which gives you the flexibility to make a decision based on the level of flexibility you require and the number of control channels you have available.

Measuring 11.96” x 6.88” x 13” / 304 x 174.8 x 330.4mm (LxWxH), the 18P Hex is nicely compact, making it convenient to carry, store, and transport. It is also lightweight – at 12.9 lbs / 5.9 kg – especially considering its substantial output power and solid build quality.

Due to arrive in May 2017, the 18P Hex offers a winning combination of immense power, robust construction, and an extremely wide color palette. So, whether you’re a mobile entertainer, run a production company, or install equipment permanently in venues, this flexible powerhouse of an LED par can will give you enough lighting power and color mixing potential to achieve the pure lighting excitement that you desire.


• 18x 12-Watt Hex LEDs
• 25 Degree Beam angle
• 63 built-iin Color Macros
• powerCON in and out connections
• Heavy duty metal construction with Gel Frame included
• ETL Approved


ADJ American DJ Accu-Cable 3-Pin DMX Cable - 10 ft

 22 AWG stranded (0.15 x 19 ) tinned copper conductors, polyethylene insulation, twisted pair, polyethylene inner jacket, Duofoil® (100% coverage) and cotton plus a tinned copper braid shield (85% coverage), PVC jacket. 


  • Conductor: Number of Pairs: 1
  • Total Number of Conductors: 2
  • AWG: 22
  • Stranding: 0.15 x 19
  • Conductor Diameter: .0354"
  • Conduct or Material: TC-Tinned Copper 
  •  Insulation: Insulation Material PE Polyethylene 
  •  Lay Length: 2.5"
  • Direction: Left Hand Lay
  • Twists: 4.8 per foot 
  • Inner Jacket Material: PE- Polyethylene
  • Inner Jacket Diameter: .055"
  • Pair Color Code: Black/White
  • Outer Shield Trade Name: Duofoil®
  • Outer Shield Type: Tape/Braid
  • Layer Number:1, Material Trade Name: Dufoil®, Type: Tape, Material: Aluminum Foil-Polyester, Coverage %: 100
  • Layer Number: 2, Material Trade Name: Dufoil®, Type: Braid, Material: TC-Tinned Copper, Coverage %: 85
  • Outer Jacket Material: PVC-Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Overall Nominal Diameter: .229"
  • Operating Temperature Range: (-30 degrees C To + 75 degrees C)
  • Bulk Cable Weight: 31 lbs/1000
  • Minimum Bend Radius (Install): 3.2"
  • Maximum Recommended Pull Tension: 72 lbs.
  • Nominal Characteristic Impedence: 110 Ohms
  • Nominal Capacitance Conductor to Conductor @ 1KHz: 12.8 pF/f t
  • Nominal Cap Cond. To Other Cond. & Shield @ 1KH z: 23 pF/ft
  • Nominal Velocity of Propagation: 66%
  • Nominal Delay: 1.6 Nanoseconds per foot
  • Nominal Conductor DC Resistance @ 20 degrees C: 24 Ohms/1000 ft
  • Nominal Outer Shield D C Resistance @ 20 degrees C: 3.4 Ohms/ 1000 ft
  • Nominal Attenuation (dB/100 ft): 0.6 (@ 1 MH z) dB/100 ft
  • Maximum Recommended Current: 2.1 A mps per conductor @ 25 degree C


Master LED PAR x 4 Heavy Duty Road Bag

LED PAR x 4 Heavy Duty Road Bag

ADJ American DJ 18P Hex RGBAW+UV Par Fixture - Black


  • Light Source: 18 x 12-Watt Hex (RGBAW + UV) LEDs
  • LED Life Expectancy: 50,000 Hrs
  • Beam Angle: 25-degree
  • Refresh Rate: 3.6KHz

Technical Features:

  • 63 Built In Color Macros
  • 5 Operational Modes: Manual Color; Color Fade; Auto Program; Sound Active, and DMX modes.
  • 4-button Digital Display for easy navigation
  • Electronic Dimming 0 – 100%
  • Flicker Free
  • Gel Frame Included
  • Includes a scissor yoke to be hung, or set on the ground


  • Power Input: powerCON IN
  • Power Pass through: powerCON out (Daisy chain up to 4 units @120V, 8 units @ 230V)
  • Control: 3-pin DMX


  • 4 DMX Channel Modes: 6, 7, 8 and 12
  • Compatible with Dotz Par RF (Sold Separately)
  • On Board control


  • Input Voltage: 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz (Auto Sensing)


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 11.96” x 6.88” x 13” / 304 x 174.8 x 330.4mm
  • Weight: 12.9 lbs / 5.9 kg.
  • Metal Black Housing
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