Aquila 83U Red Series Soprano Ukulele Strings (High-G Tuning)

Aquila 83U Red Series Soprano Ukulele Strings (High-G Tuning)
Aquila 83U Red Series Soprano Ukulele Strings (High-G Tuning)
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Aquila 83U Red Series Soprano Ukulele Strings (High-G Tuning)

Aquila 83U Red Series Soprano Ukulele Strings (High-G Tuning)

A unique feeling and a strong, consistent sound. Until now, it was necessary to increase the gauge of a string for it to produce a lower-pitched note. But increasing the string’s diameter also increases internal dampening. That makes the string less bright, less responsive and more muffled; the thicker the string, the duller the sound. Our revolutionary new approach — unique to us — changes the specific weight of the material, increasing it progressively to leave the gauge almost unchanged. The result is amazing: instruments sound brighter, more powerful and more responsive through the entire range of the fret board. The strings also maintain their intonation better, because thicker strings need to be fretted harder, pulling them further out of tune.
RED SERIES sets provide superior performance over traditional strings for musicians who love bright sounds and powerful voicing across the full scale of the instrument.

Who never dreamed of tuning the ukulele in low G, without using a fourth wound string type? As well affecting the overall sound quality of the ukulele, wound strings introduce a variety of other problems:

  • a shorter lifetime than the treble strings
  • sound power that is too bright and intrusive compared to the plastic treble strings
  • excessive sustain
  • noise caused by the fingers of the left hand
  • rapid oxidation of the metal wire caused by the acidity of the sweat.

The only alternative solution used today is the use of a fluocoarbon string. Its performance, however, is never entirely satisfactory as for a low string to be really good, it must not only use materials of a high density but also some flexibility and fluorocarbon is unfortunately a very stiff material. Density is in fact the secret of quality sound in a low string and we are happy to announce that we managed to overcome this difficult technological challenge (tried by many others but without success). Unwound fourth strings available single packaged now finally exist! Now, with our new RED SERIES stri ngs you can finally tune your ukulele to Low G with the certainty of powerful sound quality and a superior intonation across the frets that is fully integrated with that of the upper treble strings.


  • The technical solution adopted was firstly to make the Nylgut elastic and then add  red copper powder in order to increase the density to about twice that of standard white Nylgut.
  • Color: red-brown
  • Surface: slightly rough; this texture has eliminated the squeak that sometime occurs with the Nylgut strings.
  • Elasticity/Elongation: consistent with white Nylgut!
  • Performances: better than the first elastic version! They do not break under tension providing rapid, stable tuning!
  • Intonation: accurate past the 12th fret
  • Pressing the string firmly down on the frets does not cause the note to sharpen.
  • It is  not necessary to file the nut slot wider to accommodate our RED SERIES string, as was necessary with the previous fluorocarbon G strings.
  • Density: about twice than standard white Nylgut.




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