Audix DP7 7-Piece Drum Microphone Package with Cables and Stands

Audix DP7 7-Piece Drum Microphone Package with Cables and Stands
Audix DP7 7-Piece Drum Microphone Package with Cables and Stands
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Audix DP7 7-Piece Drum Microphone Package

The DP7 represents an outstanding combination of seven microphones designed to meet the demands of today's professional drummer, both on the stage and in the studio..

Included in the DP7 drum mic package is the D6, Audix's flagship kick drum mic, two- D2's for rack toms, one D4 for floor tom, the i5 for snare, and a pair of ADX51s for overhead miking.  Also included are four D-Vice rim mount clips for the snare and tom mics, and three heavy duty tension fit mic clips for the other three mics.     Everything is conveniently packaged in a foam-lined  aluminum road case for safe keeping when the mics are not in use.


D6 - Kick Drum  

The D6 has a frequency response of 30Hz-15kHz and is characterized with a cardioid pick-up pattern. The D6 is designed to sound good in any position and it is not dependent on finding the "sweet spot" of the drum. The D6 capsule features the same legendary VLM technology that has made the D series percussion and instrument microphones very popular for today's live stages and recording studios

i5 - Snare

The i5 has the ability to capture the rich, deep resonance of the snare along with the attack necessary to cut through the mix.   The i5's cardioid polar pattern allows it to focus on the specific instrument that is being miked while rejecting other instruments or ambient noise on stage. With a smooth and uniform frequency response of 50 Hz-16 kHz and an ability to handle sound pressure levels in excess of 140 dB, the i5 can be also used for a wide variety of instrument applications including percussion, guitar cabs, and vocals.

D2(two) - Rack Toms

For bringing out the real, dynamic sound of toms or congas, the D2 cannot be beat.  The D2 accurately reproduces the warmth and overtones of the instrument without sounding harsh or boomy.  The D2, which is very natural and articulate, requires very little (if any) EQ, and because of the tight hypercardioid polar pattern, no gating is needed.

D4 -  Floor Tom

The D4, which provides an additional octave of low end response beyond the D2, is the perfect companion for large toms and other instruments characterized with extended bass frequencies.   In fact, the D4 responds down to below 40 Hz, a remarkable feat for a microphone of the this size.  The D4 is characterized with flat linear response and can be considered the most versatile of the D-Series microphones.

ADX51 (two) -  Overheads 

The ADX51 is a pre-polarized condenser microphone designed to handle nuances of recording as well as the rigors of live sound.   Characterized with extended highs, excellent imaging, and high SPL capabilities, the ADX51 can be used for cymbals, high-hat, and acoustic instruments.   The ADX51 also features a -10dB pad and bass roll-off filter, making it extremely useful for a wide variety of applications.

Strukture Pro20M7 Heavy Duty, 7mm Rubber Microphone Cable - 20 ft

We selected the top-selling cables in the industry and eliminated as much packaging cost as possible without sacrificing quality. The rubber outer covering is reinforced by a state-of-the-art shrink-wrap sleeve to resist separation at the termination points. Finally, we use the highest quality solder connections, which are protected by a thick ABS inner sleeve, to create a cable you can count on.


  • High quality 7mm rubber outer covering
  • State-of-the-art shrink-wrap sleeve
  • Thick ABS sleeve protects solder connections
  • Lifetime guarantee

Ultimate Support JS-MCFB100 Tripod Mic Stand with Fixed-length Boom

On stage or in the studio, you need a mic stand you can rely on. The Tripod Mic Stand with Fixed-Length Boom resists tipping and is built tough to withstand every-day use. The powder-coated finish is scratch resistant to maintain its appearance, even on the most rigorous tour or recording schedules. Easily adjust the Tripod Mic Stand with Fixed-Length Boom to perfect height with the traditional turn clutch.


  • 31.5” Fixed-length boom arm for precise positioning

  • Strong, tip-resistant tripod base

  • Scratch-resistant powder coat finish

  • Die-cast leg housing for dependable base support

  • Non-slip rubber feet

Ultimate Support JS-MCFB50 Short Mic Stand with Fixed-length Boom

When it comes to miking sound sources that are close to the floor - such as kick drums or amplifiers - you need the right tool for the job! The JS-MCFB50 Short Mic Stand with Fixed-length Boom fits the bill perfectly, boasting a tripod base for stability and an adjustable height of 16" to 23". The 24" fixed-length boom adds additional flexibility for making sure you're able to place your microphone exactly where you need it.

JS-MCFB50 Short Mic Stand with Fixed-length Boom Features:

  • 24" Fixed-length boom arm

  • Metal die-cast housing

  • Standard 5/8" threading

  • Short height for hard-to-get-to spaces

  • Non-slip rubber feet

  • Strong, tip-resistant tripod base

Ultimate Support JS-MCFB100 Tripod Mic Stand with Fixed-length Boom

  • Product Name: JS-MCFB100

  • Part Number: 16791

  • Boom Length: 31.5” (800mm)

  • Height: 40.25” – 68” (1022mm – 1727mm)

  • Threading: 5/8”

  • Weight: 5.35 lbs. (2.53 kg)

Ultimate Support JS-MCFB50 Short Mic Stand with Fixed-length Boom


  • Product Name: JS-MCFB50

  • Part Number: 16795

  • Boom Length: 24” (610mm)

  • Height: 16” – 23” (406mm – 584mm)

  • Threading: 5/8”

  • Weight: 3.65 lbs. (1.66 kg)

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