Cioks 8800 Parallel Adapter Flex 10cm (Sand Grey)

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Cioks 8800 Parallel Adapter Flex 10cm (Sand Grey)
Cioks 8800 Parallel Adapter Flex 10cm (Sand Grey)
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Cioks 8800 Parallel Adapter Flex 10cm (Sand Grey)

By using two isolated outlets this parallel adapter Flex gives you the sum of max. currents of the two isolated outlets used. This adapter cable should be used in combination with any of CIOKS standard Flex cables if you need to power pedals with higher current needs. It gives you not only the higher current but also the possibility to choose the type of plug at the pedal end plus the length you need. The plug type and length is determined by the standard Flex cable used with the adapter Flex.
Note: the parallel adapter Flex makes a parallel connection of the two outlets used. These two outlets must be isolated from each other and MUST have the same voltage. You get the sum of max. current ratings and the same voltage as the two outlets have. If you use it with two 9V outlets with 100mA each you'll still get 9V but the double max. current which in this case is 200mA. If you use it with two 9V outlets with 200mA each you'll get 9V and max. 400mA. If you use it with two 400mA outlets you'll get a total of max. 800mA.



  • Powering two Eventide pedals with CIOKS AC10 power supply

If you power an AC pedal using the last AC section of the AC10 power supply (outlet 9 or 10) and at the same time would like to power two Eventide pedals you’d need two isolated sources with a min. of 3-400mA and a voltage of 12V DC to do so. One powerful outlet is available as outlet 6 with 12V DC and max. 600mA. The second powerful 12V DC source you’ll get by combining outlets 3 and 4 in a parallel connection using the parallel adapter Flex. You set both outlets 3 and 4 to 12V DC with the setting switch on the back of the unit (pos. 3 and 4 set to ON) and plug the parallel adapter Flex into these outlets. Connect the grey female RCA plug of the adapter Flex with the green male RCA plug of the type 4 standard Flex. The green DC-plug goes into the Eventide’s adapter socket.
The above described method can be used to power any two high current pedals with the AC10 power supply and not only two Eventides. Just make sure to get the voltage and plug type right.

  • Powering Line6 M9

The original adapter supplied with Line6 M9 when loaded with this pedal and with nominal mains voltage level supplies the pedal with an AC voltage of 10,6V. The current drawn at this supply voltage changes between 680mA and 720mA.

Since the pedal has several internal switching power supply circuits the current drawn by the pedal is lower the higher voltage it gets (the power drawn stays almost the same then).

Since the pedal draws below 800mA it can be powered of one single 800mA section/outlet of either CIOKS AC Rider, CIOKS AC8, CIOKS AC10 or CIOKS CIOKOLATE. You just need to use the green Flex cable for this pedal and the 9V AC outlet. The parallel adapter Flex is NOT needed. When powered of outlet 9 of the AC10 @ 9V AC the pedal receives 9,6V AC and draws approx 780mA. The voltage is slightly lower than with the original adapter (this is measured in Europe and a mains @ 231V). So in case of a low mains level if you experience strange behaviour of the M9, I'd recommend to switch to the 12V AC outlet (outlet 10 on AC10) and everything should be ok then.

In case with our CIOKOLATE please use outlet 15 and the green Flex cable to power the Line6 M9. On AC Rider outlet 5 should be used and with AC8 power supply please use outlet 7.

BTW, the Line6 M9 rectifies the AC supply voltage to a single DC voltage. This means the pedal also can be powered with a DC voltage with no harm to the pedal. The current draw depends on the voltage you use and we’ve measured the current at the three common DC voltages in pedal business. At 9V DC the M9 draws approx. 600mA, when powered with 12V DC it draws 480mA and at 15V DC the current is 430mA. We do not recommend going higher than 15V DC to avoid overheating or damage to the M9, even if we had customers powering this pedal by accident with 24V and it still worked. So if you wish to power your Line6 M9 with a DC voltage please use any voltage in the range 9-15V and make sure your source is able to supply the current stated here. Please use CIOKS green type 4 Flex cableor another type with a 5.5/2.5mm DC plug at the pedal end. The polarity doesn’t matter.

Considering what I stated above, CIOKS DC10 can therefore also power the Line6 M9. Please use the Parallel adapter Flex followed by the standard green type 4 Flex cable. Plug the Parallel adapter Flex into outlets 8 and 10 @ 12V DC. The green 5.5/2.5mm DC plug goes into the M9. Preferably to avoid any noise issues leave outlets 7 and 9 not used.

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