Dean Markley Promag Grand Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Dean Markley Promag Grand Acoustic Guitar Pickup Dean Markley Promag Grand Acoustic Guitar Pickup
Dean Markley Promag Grand Acoustic Guitar Pickup
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The Grand™ is the result of a patented coil configuration. The goal, when designing the Grand™, was to keep that same great sound of the Dean Markley ProMag Plus™, while doing it with a silent Humbucking coil. Grand™'s patented coil is what allowed us to reach our goal. Grand™ has the same rich sound as the Dean Markley ProMag Plus™ while having up to 15 times less hum than any of the competition. With a real maple wood housing and an ebony grand piano finish with the Dean Markley signature emblazoned in gold, Grand™ sounds, looks, and is an acoustical pickup you must have.

The Experience

Our band’s electric guitarist is obsessed with humbuckers. He won’t even look at a guitar with single coil pickup anymore. He’s one of the few people I know who can actually explain how humbuckers work. And get this… his license plates read “HUMBCKR.” Lead guitarists are usually pretty weird, but this guy takes it to a whole different level.

The rest of the band has taken to teasing him in different ways. For example, if we don’t know what something is supposed to be called, instead of saying, “Hey Bob! Come over here and look at this thingamajig,” we’ll say “Come take a look at this humbucker.” Drives him nuts.

And when we think one of the other guys is lying, we’ll cough “humbucker” into our fist. In fact, we’ve started replacing most of our usual swear words with “humbucker” or “humbucking.” It’s amazing how well this works, really. Yes, you’re right… it is rather childish. But it sure is fun.

You can imagine then, how our conversation went after I bought a Dean Markley Grand ProMag to put in my acoustic.

“What’s that?”
“It’s a humbucker.”
“Very funny. Now, really—what is it?”
I couldn’t resist. “I’m telling you—it’s a humbucker.” I had to bite my cheeks to keep from laughing as I continued. “If you weren’t so humbucking stupid, you’d recognize a humbucker when you saw one!”
“Well, at least I know how a humbucker works!”
“OK, then.” I pointed to the ProMag. “Explain to me how this works.”

Eventually, he figured out that I was serious about the humbucker. I had to plug it in and play, but he was convinced. He kept wanting to take the thing apart, though, to find out how Dean Markley managed to put a humbucker in a magnetic soundhole pickup.

I know, but I’m not telling.

Dean Markley’s Grand ProMag… it’s a real humbucker.

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