Donner White Tape Stereo Delay Guitar Effect Pedal

Donner White Tape Stereo Delay Guitar Effect Pedal
Donner White Tape Stereo Delay Guitar Effect Pedal
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Donner White Tape is a stereo tape delay pedal that realistically emulates the sound of those legendary tape echo machines, which is warm and vintage. You can create an immersive 3D sound as their repeats are able to play out of two amplifiers.

Stereo Delay Pedal

Two independent delay channels and controls gives your tone a sense of space and substance in stereo setup. Six different sensitive knobs for controlling over delay Level, Time and Feedback for each channel. You can adjust the delay effect of two channels separately.

Classic Tape Delay Sound

Provides the sought-after timbre of the original tape echo machines complete with ‘wow’ and ‘flutter’ effects, and authentic bass drop-off on the repeats. White Tape provides the warm and organic tape delay sound and keeps decay of echo as natural as possible. Analog dry signal path and True bypass switch keep the natural tone.

Versatile Delay Effects

You can set the style of effect as you wish, including the classic delay effect, such as Slapback Delay, Tape Echo, Ping-pong Delay, WOW Effect. The maximum delay length is 1000ms, suitable for most kinds of guitar playing, but also for synthesizer, drum machine, and more.


  • DC IN: Input for power supply, use a 9V DC regulated power supply 100mA, center pin negative.
  • Level knob: Adjusts the delay signal level of the left/right channel. Fully counterclockwise will give you a dry guitar signal. Clockwise will increase the delay level.
  • Time knob: Adjusts the delay time from 25ms to 1000ms of the left/right channel.
  • Feedback knob: Controls the delay feedback of the left/right channel, Fully counterclockwise will give one repeat and at fully clockwise you get infinite feedback.
  • LED: Indicates the effect on/off.
  • Input jack: 1/4" mono audio jack left/right input for connecting to the input device or instrument. When the mono input jack L is connected, it can output stereo signals.
  • Output jack: 1/4" mono audio jack of left/right output, effect output for connection to amp or other devices.
  • Foot switch: Engages and disengages the effect, true bypass.
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