Dunlop MXR M305 Tremolo Pedal

Dunlop MXR M305 Tremolo Pedal Dunlop MXR M305 Tremolo Pedal Dunlop MXR M305 Tremolo Pedal Dunlop MXR M305 Tremolo Pedal Dunlop MXR M305 Tremolo Pedal
Dunlop MXR M305 Tremolo Pedal
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The MXR Tremolo’s six tremolo waveforms represent classic and iconic sources of the effect as well as new sounds concocted by the MXR design team. First, the MXR style recreates the organic sound and pulse of the much beloved M159 MXR Stereo Tremolo. Next, the Bias style takes after the lush, power-soaked compression of tremolo effects that came equipped on early 1960s tube amplifiers. The Revo style, an original innovation, turns the optical tremolo waveform backwards for more exaggerated peaks and valleys. The Opto style emulates the smooth pulsating tremolo generated by photo cells in many popular amplifiers. Inspired by an iconic outboard effect, the SQR setting produces choppy, super pronounced tremolo. Finally, the Harm style recreates the trippy, phase-like tremolo produced by certain rare vintage amplifiers.

Getting incredible sounds from the MXR Tremolo right out of the box is simple. Speed, Gain, and Depth controls set the rate, volume, and intensity of the selected tremolo effect, and cycling through the six styles is as simple as pushing the Gain knob. For advanced technicians of tone, a bevy of features await—from stereo operation to tap tempo and expression pedal functionality to envelope tremolo, which makes the response of the effect sensitive to your attack.

These and other features come in a single MXR housing so that you can put a wide variety of intriguing, well-crafted tremolo waveforms on your board with no overcrowding.

  • Input Impedance: 600 kΩ
  • Output Impedance: < 140 Ω
  • Maximum Intput Level: +2 dBV
  • Maximum Output Level: +4 dBV
  • Speed Control: 0.7 Hz to 15 Hz
  • Depth Control: 0 to 100%
  • *Noise Floor: -100 dBV
  • Current Draw: 190 mA
  • Power Supply: 9 volts DC
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