Focal Alpha 80 Evo 8" Powered Studio Monitors (Pair) w/ Dual-8" Subwoofer & Accessories

Focal Alpha 80 Evo 8" Powered Studio Monitors (Pair) w/ Dual-8" Subwoofer & Accessories Focal Alpha 80 Evo 8" Powered Studio Monitors (Pair) w/ Dual-8" Subwoofer & Accessories
Focal Alpha 80 Evo 8" Powered Studio Monitors (Pair) w/ Dual-8" Subwoofer & Accessories
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Focal Alpha 80 Evo 8" Powered Studio Monitors (Pair) w/ Dual-8" Subwoofer & Accessories

Focal Alpha 80 Evo 8-Inch 2-Way Powered Studio Reference Monitor


Flagship line Alpha 80 Evo is particularly recommended for professionals seeking high volumes and a rich sub-bass extension. This monitor has a 1” (25mm) aluminium inverted dome tweeter and a woofer with a Slatefiber cone, made in France by Focal. Its large laminar vent allows you to significantly limit noises and its dual amplification offers a frequency response from 38Hz to 22kHz (+/- 3dB)..

Alpha 80 Evo is characterised by excellent dynamics, an impressively neutral tonal balance and multiple features (inserts for wall mounting, automatic disengageable stand-by, etc.).

The Alpha Evo monitors are made from a 5/8” (15mm)-thick MDF enclosure and incorporates internal braces to ensure the enclosure's high rigidity, even at the highest levels of sound pressure.


  • Neutrality across the full sound spectrum
  • Excellent dynamics for a very low distortion
  • 8” (21cm) Slatefiber cone woofer
  • Large laminar vent
  • Identical tonal balance at both low and high volume
  • Connect up to 3 audio sources
  • Inserts for wall and ceiling fastening
  • Automatic disengageable stand-by
  • Protection grilles included

Focal Sub One Dual-8-Inch Powered Studio Subwoofer

High-efficiency professional subwoofer

Active subwoofer

For producers and sound engineers with higher demands in the sub-bass, Focal offers Sub One, a subwoofer that delivers power of 200W RMS. Thanks to its precision and very low distortion, this long-excursion, high-efficiency subwoofer ensures ideal coupling with the Alpha Evo line but also the Shape line of monitors.

The speaker drivers boast an exclusive double-skinned Slatefiber cone: the two cones affixed against each other offer even greater rigidity, ideal for a subwoofer. Finally, with its large vents located on the front panel, Sub One is very easily and discreetly positioned along a wall or under a desktop as it takes up less depth.


  • 2 x 8” (20cm) woofers with Slatefiber cone made in France
  • 200 W RMS amplifier
  • Sound neutrality, precise control of bass equalisation
  • Compact design, optimal integration
  • Multiple settings: low-pass crossover, volume, Footswitch input, etc.
  • LFE, left and right inputs / left and right outputs
  • Reproduction of sonic micro-details; precise adjustment of signal compression

Mackie Big Knob Passive 2x2 Studio Monitor Controller

Mackie Big Knob Passive benefits from a proven, bestselling design to deliver professional level control, plus source and monitor selection for studios of any size.

The passive audio path ensures pristine sonic integrity is maintained throughout your signal chain. More than just a level control solution, Big Knob Passive features the ability to choose between two sources and two monitor pairs.

Ideal for simple level control at a home or project studio or for integration in a large studio or group of editing suites, Big Knob Passive is the “Built-Like-A-Tank,” affordable monitoring control solution.


  • Excruciatingly simple 2x2 monitor controller
  • Choose between two sources and two monitor pairs
  • Pristine audio quality
  • Sturdy built-like-a-tank design
  • Classic Big knob volume control

Focal Alpha 80 Evo 8-Inch 2-Way Powered Studio Reference Monitor

  • Type: Alpha 80 Evo Monitoring
  • Frequency response (+/- 3dB): 38Hz - 22kHz
  • Maximum SPL: 106dB SPL (peak @ 1m)
  • Inputs Connectors:
    • TRS: symmetrical 10kOhms
    • XLR: symmetrical 10kOhms
    • RCA: asymmetrical 10kOhms
    • with compensated sensitivity
  • Medium and low frequency amplifier: 80W
  • High frequency amplifier: 35W
  • Automatic stand-by mode: After around 15 minutes of no use By signal detection >6mV
  • Power supply: 100 - 240V~ (T2AL fuse/250V)
  • Connection: IEC socket and detachable power cable
  • Sensitivity: Adjustable, 0 or +6dB
  • Level midrange/bass (0 - 250Hz): Adjustable, +/-6dB
  • Treble level (4.5 - 35kHz): Adjustable, +/-3dB
  • Power on/off: On/off switch on the rear panel
  • Stand-by consumption: <0.5W
  • Views and controls: On and off LED - Stand-by LED
  • Woofer: 8" (20cm) Slatefiber cone
  • Tweeter: 25mm (1") with aluminium inverted dome
  • Construction: 0.6" (15mm) MDF
  • Finish: Black vinyl and paint
  • Dimensions with 4 rubber feet (HxWxD): 15.35x11.65x13" (390x296x330mm)
  • Weight: 21.6lbs (9.8kg)

Focal Sub One Dual-8-Inch Powered Studio Subwoofer

  • Type: Sub One
  • Frequency response (+/-3dB): 32Hz – 120Hz
  • Maximum SPL: 114dB SPL (peak @ 1m)
  • Inputs
    • Left, Right, LFE
    • Electronically balanced / 110kOhms
    • 3-point female XLR
    • Variable
  • Outputs (to satellites)
    • Left + Right
    • 3-point male XLR in parallel on inputs
  • Amplification: 2 x 100W RMS, D-class
  • Internal signal processing and functions
    • Left + Right mono summation
    • 60Hz or 90Hz high-pass crossover
    • Adjustable low-pass crossover,
    • 24dB/octave
    • Phase adjustment
    • Polarity
  • User controls
    • Subwoofer level adjustment
    • (sensitivity)
    • Low-pass crossover cut-off frequency
    • adjustment
    • Phase adjustment
    • Polarity inverter
    • External mute (controlled by a pedal)
  • Indicators (LED): Power Defeat
  • Power supply:
    • Universal detachable IEC
    • inlet power cord
  • Subwoofer:
    • 2 x 8" (20cm) long-excursion Focal
    • speaker drivers with “Slatefiber” cone
  • Construction:
    • 7/8" (22mm) MDF panel
    • with internal braces
  • Finish: Dark grey vinyl
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 183/4"x113/4"x193/4"(475x310x520mm)
  • Weight: 40.8lbs (18.5kg)

Mackie Big Knob Passive 2x2 Studio Monitor Controller

  • Item Weight: 181 g
  • I/O Switching: 2x2
  • Dimensions:3.1 × 5.4 × 5.6 in
  • Weight: 2.2 lb / 1.0 kg
  • Dimensions: 2.1 x 2.1 x 19.2 cm


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