Friedman Buxom Boost Guitar Effects Pedal

Friedman Buxom Boost Guitar Effects Pedal Friedman Buxom Boost Guitar Effects Pedal Friedman Buxom Boost Guitar Effects Pedal
Friedman Buxom Boost Guitar Effects Pedal
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Friedman Buxom Boost Guitar Effects Pedal

Friedman Buxom Boost Guitar Effects Pedal

The Friedman Buxom Boost may be the most powerful tonal solution you ever put on your pedalboard. Like its namesake amp head, this pedal pushes a pure, clean signal to conjure the absolute most from your tone. Turning the boost control is your ticket to volume increase, pushing the front of your amp for thick harmonic overdrive, or balancing between two guitars with varying output. Whether you're after a tone tailored by its active mid, treble, and bass controls or the pedal's ability to achieve total transparency - thanks to its onboard EQ Bypass switch - it's all in there. We've even added a useful tight control for reigning in your tube amp's bottom end when boosted. As expected, every Buxom Boost pedal is crafted with the attention to detail and fine ear for tone that comes with Dave Friedman's name.

Your tone, just more of it. Just like the Friedman Buxom Betty amp head, the Buxom Boost sings with a completely clean tone that makes every nuance of your performance shine though. Simply flip the pedal's onboard EQ Bypass switch and you have a completely transparent signal, adding muscle to your guitar without ever changing its fundamental character.

Tuned for your rig. Though the Buxom Boost can be tonally invisible, its active 3-band EQ and powerful Tight control enables it to be anything but. With a stomp of a switch, you're able to balance the voice and output of two different guitars or push certain frequencies for a solo tone that cuts. With the Buxom Boost's high-quality components, you'll be astounded at how well it works for fine tuning your acoustic-electric guitar's plugged-in voice.

  • Plenty of headroom for getting above a mix or driving the front end of an amp

  • EQ Bypass switch removes the 3-band EQ from the signal for a truly transparent tone

  • Accepts 9V or 18V power for higher-headroom performance

  • Active 3-band EQ with boost bass and mid controls and boost/cut treble control

  • Tight control tames your boosted amp's low end

  • High-quality circuit keeps it quiet enough for use with acoustic-electric instruments

  • Built in USA

  • Weight: 1 lbs.

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