ISP Technologies Hum Extractor + Decimator Noise Reduction System Pedal

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ISP Technologies Hum Extractor + Decimator Noise Reduction System Pedal

ISP Technologies Hum Extractor + Decimator Noise Reduction System Pedal
ISP Technologies Hum Extractor + Decimator Noise Reduction System Pedal

Line frequency hum has heavy harmonic content
above the line frequency, which occurs at every interval of the line frequency. The Decimator technology has provided excellent ability to eliminate this for high gain applications by attenuating the output signal when the guitar notes decay but even the Decimator cannot remove the hum components that occur at clean or low gain settings since there is no masking of the noise at these settings. Once there is a guitar signal, the Decimator will come up to unity gain and at lower gain settings the hum will become audible. As all players know, the severity of the hum varies from venue to venue but it can destroy an otherwise great performance when severe. No other option exists that can offer the transparency to eliminate the hum while preserving the tone and sonic quality of the original signal. The HUM EXTRACTOR does the impossible and removes the hum without altering the tone of the instrument.
The position of the HUM EXTRACTOR can be selected to operate in either Channel 1 or Channel 2 based on the users preference and rig configuration. The HUM EXTRACTOR + DECIMATOR G is a high performance two channel DSP processor with three noise reduction operations in one unit. The HUM EXTRACTOR, typically in channel 1, is inserted between the guitar output and the input of the guitar rig. Channel 2 is then inserted after the gain or preamplifier in the rig and provides Decimator Noise reduction with the newest patent pending Decimator X technology for the ultimate adaptive release. The Decimator level detection is derived from the direct guitar input signal after removal of the hum components providing perfect tracking of the Decimator functions without the hum components. This allows greater precision for the Decimator to remove gain noise and gain hiss.

The DSP based Decimator also includes a third noise reduction function, high frequency sliding filtering, which is found in our high performance ProRack G rack-mount processors. The sliding filter tracks the high frequency content in the input signal and will adaptively operate to eliminate high frequency noise from the output signal. The HUM EXTRACTOR + DECMIATOR is dynamic in operation with a separate threshold level adjustment for both HUM EXTRACTOR and DECIMATOR Noise Reduction. Once the threshold of the Decimator is set, the user selects the FILTER TRACKING button to adjust the relative operating point for the Dynamic Filter via the Decimator Threshold control. Once set, the Decimator threshold will then adjust both the Threshold of the Decimator downward expander and the Dynamic High Frequency sliding filter. The Dynamic sliding filter will open to allow the high frequency content in the input signal but will adaptively track this HF content and effectively eliminate high frequency HISS even when playing low frequency bass notes. The combined operation of HUM EXTRACTOR, Decimator Downward Expansion and Decimator Adaptive Sliding Filtering offer a level of real time noise reduction never before available. High quality A/D and D/A converters along with 32 bit floating point DSP processing means state of the art signal path audio quality if provided with zero digital aliasing.


  • HUM EXTRACTOR + DECIMATOR with zero digital aliasing
  • DECIMATOR downward Expander plus DECIMATOR DYNAMIC FILTERING both with DECIMATOR X technology
  • HUM EXTRACTOR with totally transparent operation
  • 2 Channel system allows DECIMATOR to be inserted after gain noise with direct guitar tracking
  • Selectable location for HUM EXTRACTOR block
  • State of the art signal processing with super low noise signal path
  • 50Hz / 60Hz operation
  • Greater that 80dB effective noise reduction
  • INPUT LEVEL TRIM: 21.5db / input level -8dbu to +13.5dbu
  • NOISE FLOOR: -104dbu A WTD
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz – 20KHz = +0 / -.5db
  • OUTPUTS Max Level: +13.5dbu
  • DIMENSIONS: 7.15” W x 1.85” H x 4.5” D
  • WEIGHT: 1.2 lbs
  • POWER: 9VAC RMS / 1.5 AMPS
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