Khan Audio Pak Amp, 1-Channel

Khan Audio Pak Amp, 1-Channel Khan Audio Pak Amp, 1-Channel
Khan Audio Pak Amp, 1-Channel
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Khan Audio Pak Amp, 1-Channel

The KHAN Pak Amp is a full featured Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifier that fits in the palm of your hand. A pair of NOS GE 6AQ5 Beam Power tubes are used for a total of 9 or 18 (power switchable) watts of all tube Class A/B power. Single channel and dual channel versions are available, delivering classic rock guitar tone that spans decades. This unique design weighs less than your guitar and is about the size of a hardcover book. It can fit in a backpack, gig bag pocket, or carry on luggage for the working musician on the go. It is equally useful in the studio, providing a wide range of tonal variety and an exceptional line out. Simple and easy to understand functionality and layout make it easy to setup and use. A hardshell carry case is included for easy transport to and from the gig. The KHAN Pak is truly an innovative and ergonomic design that pushes the standards into the future.

Each unit is hand built and fully sound tested by KHAN. Designed and built in the USA with premium components. All KHAN products carry a 3 year warranty to be free of defects from materials and workmanship. Tubes are covered under a 90 day warranty.

Background on the 6005W/6AQ5A Power Pentode:
Used extensively in TV's and radios throughout the 50's and 60's, the 6AQ5 miniature 7 pin pentode is equivalent in specification to the venerable 6V6. The tube has been utilized in its original intent where compactness and power are paramount. A full 18 watts of clean power is developed with a conservative power supply of well under 400VDC. A spare set of NOS GE military spec 6005/6AQ5 tubes are included with amplifier, although it is doubtful you may ever need the spare set based on longevity testing by Khan Audio. Tone and long life are qualities that are inherent in NOS tubes. There are literally thousands of NOS 6AQ5's on the market today, so availability is not a problem. Enjoy the classic tones of the golden era of audio, brought to you in the most compact and innovative form to be seen yet.


  • Gain and Master Controls
  • (2) 12AX7 and (2) 6AQ5 tubes
  • Bright and Boost Switches
  • Boost foot switchable


  • Switchable 9 or 18 watts @ 5% THD
  • Treble, Middle, Bass tone stack
  • Buffered FX Loop Send and Return
  • Speaker response simulated balanced line out
  • Silent operation with internal 8 ohm load resistor
  • Speaker Impedance selector - 8 and 16 ohm
  • Built in cooling fan with on/off switch
  • Fully CNC front plate for striking visual aesthetic
  • Made in USA custom Heyboer transformers
  • Compact size: 9" x 7" x 2 1/2" (including knobs and feet)
  • 6.5 lbs total weight
  • Export voltages of 100V 220V 240V available


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