Korg Pitchblack Guitar Bass Portable Polyphonic Tuner PB-04 Aluminum Black PB04

Korg Pitchblack Guitar Bass Portable Polyphonic Tuner PB-04 Aluminum Black PB04 Korg Pitchblack Guitar Bass Portable Polyphonic Tuner PB-04 Aluminum Black PB04
Korg Pitchblack Guitar Bass Portable Polyphonic Tuner PB-04 Aluminum Black PB04
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The black Pitchblack Portable Polyphonic Tuner from Korg is designed to display tuning information for all your strings simultaneously. It can display the tuning in regular, strobe, and half-strobe modes and has a tuning precision of +/- 0.1 cents when used in strobe mode. The Pitchblack Portable automatically detects whether you are tuning a guitar or bass, and supports 4-, 5-, and 6-string basses. The unit features a 150mm LED display and a mute function for silent tuning.

Designed for Floating Tremolo Systems:
Guitarists who use a "floating" tremolo system will have noticed that one out-of-tune string may affect the tuning of the other strings; so a single flat string may cause the other strings to sound sharp. With a traditional tuner, this may require tuning and retuning each string multiple times. The Pitchblack Poly makes it easy to identify and correct the one flat string, causing the other strings to sound their correct pitch
Automatic Detection and Tuning Modes:
Korg's functionality will automatically detect whether the input signal is a guitar or bass (4- to 6-string basses are supported). In addition to regular tuning, you can also choose alternative tunings such as flat, capo, or drop-D
Cable Checker Function:
Korg's Cable Checker function is built into the Pitchblack Portable; simply connect the two ends of your monaural phone cable to the Input jack and the Cable Check jack, and the display will tell you whether the cable is broken. This is a convenient way to avoid problems on stage or in the studio
Buffered Output and Mute Functions:
The Pitchblack Portable is designed with a buffered output to minimize any change or additional noise in the audio input signal. There's also a Mute function that lets you tune without producing sound from the output jack
Fits On Your Pedalboard:
The Pitchblack Portable is sized like a pedal effect unit, and will fit into most effect pedalboard systems. In addition, the Pitchblack Portable also provides a DC Out jack that can be used to feed power to other effect pedals (when using the optional AC adapter). With a dedicated power supply circuit for the DC Out, this jack is able to provide a stable and noiseless power supply (9V 200mA) that's equivalent to a dedicated effect-pedal power supply. By connecting an optional DC cable, you can supply power to multiple effect pedals, allowing you to simplify the power connections in your pedalboard


12-Note Equal Temperament

Detection Range

E0 (20.60 Hz) to C8 (4186 Hz), sine wave

Calibration Range

A4 = 436 to 445 Hz (1 Hz Steps)

Detection Accuracy

+/- 1 Cent

Tuning Modes

Mono / Chromatic

Polyphonic / Guitar or Bass (Auto Detection)

Flat (b): Can Tune Down; Up to 5 Steps (Chromatic Scale)

Capo (#): Can Transpose Up; Up to 7 Steps (Chromatic Scale)

Display Mode


Strobe (0.1 Cent Indication)

Half Strobe


6" (150 mm) LED

Input Impedance

1 M Ω (When Tuner is On)

Current Consumption

130 mA (Maximum)

Output Current

200 mA (Maximum)


Input/Check: Mono 1/4" (6.35 mm) Jack

Output: Mono 1/4" (6.35 mm) Jack

Cable Check: Mono 1/4" (6.35 mm) Jack

DC IN (9V) DC OUT (9V)

Power Supply

2x AA Alkaline Batteries (LR6)

Optional AC Adapter (9V)

Battery Life

Tuner On, Polyphonic Mode, Regular Meter: Approximately 15 Hours of Continuous Use

Dimensions (WxDxH)

6.34 x 2.36 x 1.30" (16.10 × 6.00 × 3.30 cm)


9.45 oz (268.00 g)

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