LAVA Ideal Pick Guitar Picks, 3-Pack

LAVA Ideal Pick Guitar Picks, 3-Pack LAVA Ideal Pick Guitar Picks, 3-Pack
LAVA Ideal Pick Guitar Picks, 3-Pack
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3 different sounds, 3 different shapes

The ideal pick started with different thinking: Provides outstanding tone for performers. According to this target, we rethink the tone sound with different performance habits, also we check every detail could makes experience changes.

Ideal Pick Air

Air was born for strumming. It provides strumming have remarkable deeply resonance with extreme thin pick-end. Also enhance the amplitude of strings to achieve a warm and rich sound with unique gradual-thickening pick body. We also make bigger holding area to prevent drop when performer have bigger act extent.

Ideal Pick Flow

Flow is perfect to be portable pick. The features is comprehension. It’ s provide clearly layers sound, The frequency distribution is balance. It is perfect to fit in different performance techniques, Like strumming, plucking and even solo. Make performers immersive their music deeply.

Gradual-thickening Pick body design, make performance have layered sounds.

The unique gradual-thickening Pick body design makes Ideal Pick a remarkably rich sound. Bring outstanding elasticity and treble with extremely thin Pick-end. Also enhanced the amplified of strings to generate great bass tone with gradual-thickening Pick body design.

High Accuracy Manufacturing Process

The main material of Ideal Pick is Nylon. This Material is developed by Bayer, The Germany enterprise. It has excellent elasticity and wear resistance. But it has very unstable liquidity, Therefore each Ideal Pick has been monitored not only by Numerical control center, also needed engineers to accurately control the temperature and time.

Ideal Pick Air

Pop, Acoustic and even British Rock with better resonance.

Ideal Pick Flow

The most attractive of Flow is the flexibility. You can play Blues, then you can sing and play an acoustic or maybe a country music. Anytime anywhere and any style.

Ideal Pick Focus

Focus could let your every single pluck like surgical level accuracy.

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