Mooer Preamp Live Preamp Pedal

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Mooer Preamp Live Preamp Pedal

Mooer Preamp Live Preamp Pedal Mooer Preamp Live Preamp Pedal Mooer Preamp Live Preamp Pedal Mooer Preamp Live Preamp Pedal
Mooer Preamp Live Preamp Pedal

PREAMP LIVE has been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate digital preamp modeller for use in a live situation. Every control feature has been carefully thought out to be intuitive and provide the best experience for live performance.

PREAMP LIVE provides a wide array of different amp tones right at your feet. It lets you select and carry 12 independent preamp channels of your choice, from a selection of 50 models available within the supporting software and mobile apps.

Added to each of the 12 preamp channels is a dual position booster, adjustable pre and post noise gates, a fully programmable effects loop with different modes, full channel switching control, MIDI IN and OUT, dedicated headphone connection, multiple outputs with optional cab simulation and IR loading capabilities.

Ever wanted to get UK overdrive from your F style amp? Or sparkling, spanky cleans from your M style amp? The effects loop in PREAMP LIVE has a unique A/B mode which lets you use your amplifiers analogue preamp along with the digital models. This effectively expands the tonal palette of your amplifier without the need for an expensive, complicated switching device.

If that wasn’t enough, you can also use MOOER’s “TONE CAPTURE” feature to sample your own amplifiers preamp section and create digital models of your own to use at gigs and share with your friends.


  • Contains 12 independent preamp channels with intuitive, familiar switching controls
  • Pre/Post BOOSTER and adjustable Pre/Post noise gates for each channel
  • Easily accessible global controls for fast setup in different live situations
  • Optional independent speaker cab sim for each output
  • IR loading via the supporting software and mobile apps
  • Fully programmable effects loop with serial and A/B modes. For use with external effects or combining with your head/combo’s own preamp using the 4-cable method
  • TONE CAPTURE for sampling your real amplifiers tonal characteristics and creating new digital preamp models
  • Dedicated headphone output for use as a stand-alone practice unit
  • Fully mappable MIDI IN and MIDI OUT for integration with other equipment
  • USB and Bluetooth for connecting to PC, MAC and MOBILE APP for deep editing and amp selection
  • Preamp Channels: 12
  • Input: 1/4'' mono audio jack (impedance 500k)
  • Outputs: 1 x 1/4'' mono audio jack (impedance100Ω)
  • Effects Send: 1/4'' mono audio jack (impedance100Ω)
  • Effects Return: 1/4'' mono audio jack (impedance 500k)
  • USB: Type-B Female Connector
  • Sampling accuracy: 24bit
  • Signal to noise ratio: 103dB
  • Effects Loop: Mode 1 Serial ~ Mode 2 A/B
  • MIDI IN & OUT: 5 pin DIN connector
  • Sampling rate: 88.2KHz
  • Power requirements: 9V-12V DC 1A
  • Dimensions: 230mm x 130mm x 54mm
  • Weight: 1.18Kg
  • Accessories: 1 x USB Cable
  • Format: .WAV
  • Sampling rate: 44.1KHz
  • Sampling accuracy: 24bit
  • Max sample length: 23.2ms/1024 Points
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