Roland V-02HD 2-Channel HD Video Mixer w/ 2 HDMI Inputs, 2 HDMI Outputs

Roland V-02HD 2-Channel HD Video Mixer w/ 2 HDMI Inputs, 2 HDMI Outputs Roland V-02HD 2-Channel HD Video Mixer w/ 2 HDMI Inputs, 2 HDMI Outputs Roland V-02HD 2-Channel HD Video Mixer w/ 2 HDMI Inputs, 2 HDMI Outputs Roland V-02HD 2-Channel HD Video Mixer w/ 2 HDMI Inputs, 2 HDMI Outputs
Roland V-02HD 2-Channel HD Video Mixer w/ 2 HDMI Inputs, 2 HDMI Outputs
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Roland V-02HD 2-Channel HD Video Mixer w/ 2 HDMI Inputs, 2 HDMI Outputs

The video production problem-solver

Switcher, scaler, expander — with audio processing and video effects

Events or productions often bring serious challenges that are easily solved — if you have the right equipment. Roland’s versatile V-02HD multi-format video mixer replaces several standalone units; a simple switcher, high-quality scaler, input expander, audio solution and inline video effects / composition. Save on space and headaches by packing a V-02HD; the portable-yet-powerful device that lets you concentrate on producing your event or shooting your scenes, rather than trouble-shooting your gear.

Pack in your case, just in case

The V-02HD is a ‘micro switcher’ that’s small enough to fit into equipment cases and camera bags. Designed to integrate with typical video production workflows, the V-02HD has a screw tap for standard video mounts and conveniently attaches onto a tripod to stay out of the way. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for mobile video applications too, especially when hooked up to third-party battery packs for longer location-based shoots.

Multi-application, one solution

Dual camera / single operator productions

Small production crews, limited budgets and tight delivery deadlines mean that a simple two camera shoot can be stressful — even for experienced operators. Recording or streaming with a live switcher onsite lets you present the client with an immediate deliverable and the V-02HD makes the entire process fast, easy and fluid for the camera operator.

The V-02HD takes the HDMI output from two cameras and seamlessly switches to a connected recorder or livestreaming encoder. The operator can then switch between cameras using the dedicated controls or even by using their feet, via a connected footswitch that lets them continue operating their camera. Audio from both cameras and external sources can be mixed together within the V-02HD and monitored through dedicated headphone output. Finally, the resulting mix is embedded with the video switch and output over HDMI. The V-02HD transforms a two-camera shoot into a small one-person production studio, for reliable recording or live-streaming even with minimal resources.

Simple, seamless switching

Switching sources in a small presentation can be a pain, whether it’s signal loss to the main display or the computer’s inability to handle unexpected input signals. The V-02HD ensures a professional cross-dissolve switchover between computers and screens, maintaining hi-res ‘pixel-accurate’ display resolution with deep 10-bit 4:4:4 color space. With simple two-button operation, anyone can pull off professional switching of multiple sources, even if using the V-02HD for the first time.

The input/output matchmaker

Having two HDMI-equipped devices doesn’t mean they’re compatible, especially when it comes to video signals in a variety of resolutions — for example, a tablet’s output may not display properly on the receiving display. With both input and output scalers, the V-02HD can take SD, HD, and computer resolutions, before resizing them to fit the display and then outputting in a new resolution that’s compatible with the receiving device.

To embed or de-embed? Why not both?

The V-02HD not only lets you embed analog audio into an HDMI signal — for recording or live streaming — but you can also extract the audio from an HDMI signal to send over to a larger dedicated audio mixer. Where many converters only support digital audio, or offer either embedding or de-embedding (and not both), the V-02HD lets you do it all.

Onboard toolkit for fixing your audio

The V-02HD has three-band EQ and dynamics onboard, so you can immediately optimize your audio without having to send to an external mixing desk. A built-in effects library is packed with presets for common production scenarios including interviews, ambient sound recording, and eliminating wind noise when filming outdoors. These tools even work with inline HDMI signals, so you can fix your audio issues without leaving the digital domain.

When you just need one more input

It’s frustrating when your switcher needs one more input and you’re all out of options. With two extremely low latency inputs, the V-02HD provides that prized additional connection without adding any perceptible delay to your camera inputs. And with high-resolution 10-bit 4:4:4 color space, there’s no signal degradation either.

Incorporate time-saving, professional-looking effects — in real-time

Although adding effects via your editing package is becoming easier, more complex effects — for example, blurring a person’s face for privacy purposes – require time and extensive knowledge of video-editing software. Or you could just add the effect directly to the camera’s output and record the result. The V-02HD has 14 visual effects that can be applied in real-time, with adjustable parameters to fine-tune the results plus an additional 5 composition effects so you can add titles, use a green screen with the Key effect, or create a separate inset window with the PinP capability.

Picture your back-up plan

When an input source fails in a presentation or a new speaker arrives but isn”t ready to present, the last thing you want to display is a blank screen; or worse, content that wasn”t meant to be shared. You can be ready with a still image loaded into the V-02HD placed in between a switcher that doesn”t have still image capability and the output display. Simply switch over to the still image in case of emergency.

Control the scene

The dedicated V-02HD remote control app turns your iPad into a gorgeous touch interface for the V-02HD. You can operate the switching functions of the V-02HD, mix audio with virtual faders, change settings and effect parameters quickly and create up to eight custom scenes for fast set-up changes using preset memories. You can also save and restore V-02HD system settings using the Remote Control Utility.


  • Video Processing
    • 4:4:4 (Y/Pb/Pr), 10-bit
  • Input Connectors
    • INPUT 1--2: HDMI type A x 2
    • HDCP Supported
    • Multi-format Supported
  • Output Connectors
    • PROGRAM OUT: HDMI type A
    • PREVIEW OUT: HDMI type A
    • HDCP Supported
    • Multi-format Supported
  • Input Formats
    • 480/59.94i, 480/59.94p, 720/59.94p, 1080/59.94i, 1080/59.94p, 1080/60p, 1080/29.97p, 1080/30p *1
    • 576/50i, 576/50p, 720/50p, 1080/50i, 1080/50p, 1080/25p *2
    • 1080/23.98p, 1080/24p
    • VGA (640 x 480/60Hz), SVGA (800 x 600/60Hz), XGA (1024 x 768/60Hz)
    • WXGA (1280 x 800/60Hz), SXGA (1280 x 1024/60Hz)
    • FWXGA (1366 x 768/60Hz), SXGA+ (1400 x 1050/60Hz)
    • UXGA (1600 x 1200/60Hz), WUXGA (1920 x 1200/60Hz)
    • The refresh rate is the maximum value of each resolution.
    • Conforms to CEA-861-E,VESA DMT Version 1.0 Revision 11.
    • 1920 x 1200/60 Hz: Reduced blanking
    • The input interlaced video signal is converted to progressive video signal by internal processing.
    • 1 FRAME RATE = 59.94 Hz
    • 2 FRAME RATE = 50 Hz
  • Output Formats
    • 480/59.94p, 720/59.94p, 1080/59.94i, 1080/59.94p *1
    • 576/50p, 720/50p, 1080/50i, 1080/50p *2
    • SVGA (800 x 600/60 Hz), XGA (1024 x 768/60 Hz)
    • WXGA (1280 x 800/60 Hz), FWXGA (1366 x 768/60 Hz)
    • SXGA (1280 x 1024/60 Hz), SXGA+ (1400 x 1050/60 Hz)
    • UXGA (1600 x 1200/60 Hz), WUXGA (1920 x 1200/60 Hz)
    • HD (1280 x 720/60 Hz), FHD (1920 x 1080/60 Hz)
    • Conforms to VESA DMT Version 1.0 Revision 11.
    • The output refresh rates of 800 x 600--1400 x 1050 are 75 Hz when the unit’s frame rate setting is 50 Hz.
    • 1920 x 1200/60 Hz: Reduced blanking
    • 1 FRAME RATE = 59.94 Hz
    • 2 FRAME RATE = 50 Hz
  • Video Effects
    • Transition: CUT, MIX (DISSOLVE), WIPE (9 types)
    • Composition: PinP (RECTANGLE, CIRCLE, DIAMOND), KEY (Luminance Key, Chroma Key)
    • Others: Flip horizontal, Flip vertical, Still Image Capture, Still Image Playback, Output fade (Audio, Video: WHITE or BLACK), Test pattern output


  • Audio Processing:    Sampling rate: 24 bits/48 kHz
  • Audio formats:    Linear PCM, 24 bits/48 kHz, 2 ch
  • Input Connectors
    • INPUT 1--2: HDMI Type A x 2
    • AUDIO IN: Stereo miniature type
  • Output Connectors
    • PROGRAM OUT: HDMI type A
    • PREVIEW OUT: HDMI type A
    • PHONES: Stereo miniature type
  • Input Level
    • AUDIO IN: -15 dBu (Maximum: +3 dBu)
  • Input Impedance
    • AUDIO IN: 45 k ohms
  • Output Level
    • PHONES: 92 mW + 92 mW (32 ohms)
  • Output Impedance
    • PHONES: 10 ohms
  • Audio Effects
    • Delay, High pass filter, Compressor, Noise gate, Equalizer, Multi-band compressor, Limiter, Test tone output


  • Other Connectors
    • USB:USB B Type (for backup from PC, for remote control from iPad)
    • CTL/EXP:1/4-inch TRS phone type
  • Other Functions
    • Preset Memory (8 types)
    • Panel lock function
    • EDID Emulator
    • Auto Switching
    • Auto Input Detect
  • Power Supply:    AC Adaptor
  • Current Draw:    1.1 A
  • Power Consumption:    10.0 W
  • Operation Temperature
    • +0 to +40 degrees Celsius
    • +32 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dimensions
    • 160 (W) x 108 (D) x 51 (H) mm
    • 6-5/16 (W) x 4-1/4 (D) x 2-1/16 (H) inches
  • Weight (excluding AC adaptor)
    • 0.6 kg
    • 1 lbs 6 oz
  • Accessories
    • Startup Guide
    • AC adaptor
    • Power cord
    • Cord hook
  • Options (sold separately)
    • Footswitch: BOSS FS-5U, FS-6, FS-7
    • Expression Pedal: EV-5, BOSS FV-500L, FV-500H
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