Sabian 11806XEB HHX Series Evolution Crash Cymbal 18"

Sabian 11806XEB HHX Series Evolution Crash Cymbal 18"
Sabian 11806XEB HHX Series Evolution Crash Cymbal 18"
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Sabian 11806XEB HHX Series Evolution Crash Cymbal 18"

The Ultimate Crash Developed in collaboration with Dave Weckl, the 18" HHX Evolution Crash is a highly-responsive and sensitive cymbal that combines the bite and penetration of high-end attack with the warmth and agitation of dark undertones. Fully hammered, this thin crash delivers tonally warm, rich sound and a well-defined touch of high-end color to boost projection. In fact, it's so responsive that according to SABIAN Master Product Specialist Mark Love, "it's easily activated with just a touch of a finger!" But while the response is fast and shimmering, it's the feel of the Evolution Crashes that so many drummers fall in love with. Described as smooth and buttery, this is a Crash with that rare ability of making you a better player the minute you add one to your set-up. An Evolution in Tone The 18" HHX Evolution Crash is exactly the essence of what Dave Weckl was looking for when he approached SABIAN. In fact, that's exactly what the entire HHX Evolution line is all about. These are cymbals that retain the low end while brightened the highs. And sensitivity is increased so that the lightest touch of a stick sets them off. "Dave has a very acute sense of hearing and knows exactly what he wants from his cymbals," comments Vault Specialist Mark Love. "In addition to high-response sensitivity, he requested a specific degree of separation between the brighter high-end tones and the warmer low end, for a sound that was both warm and cool. He was very specific, and this is why our craftsmen were able to design Evolution to such exact standards. We are extremely pleased with the results and anticipate enormous interest in these cymbals." Sabian HHX - Modern Dark Until HHX, dark cymbals simply did not cut. With HHX, SABIAN changed all of that. Using an innovative combination of high-profile shape, large raw bell and jumbo sized hammering, they ensured that the dark, tonally complex sound of HHX cuts in any situation.

The warm, explosive response is fast and shimmering, for increased cut and projection.

  • Style Modern
  • Metal B20Sound Dark
  • Weight Thin



  • SABIAN best-selling Core model is a Killer Crash!
  • HHX Tone Projection stirs up simmering heat, musical dirt
  • Delivers simmering Modern Dark tone at all volumes
  • Protected by SABIAN Two-Year Warranty
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