Sabian 31600B B8 Pro O-Zone Crash Cymbal 16"

Sabian 31600B B8 Pro O-Zone Crash Cymbal 16"
Sabian 31600B B8 Pro O-Zone Crash Cymbal 16"
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Speed, Power, Aggression

It’s hard to believe Sabian introduced its radically innovative O-Zone cymbals back in 2002. Described as having a “space-age look”, they delivered a sound that was aggressive, raw and nasty. That same sound is now available in the Sabian B8 Pro series – great news for drummers stepping up to their first set of B8 bronze cymbals. But the 16” B8 Pro O-Zone Crash is much more than a cymbal for beginners or students. Its raw, nasty tone is loved by pros and beginners alike, and the popular model has become a mainstay on the kits of many a professional player. Also available in an 18” model, the 16” B8 Pro O-Zone Crash is quality protected by a Sabian two-year warranty.


This Is No Ordinary Crash

“The O-Zone is not a typical crash, it’s a crude and aggressive combination of a thin crash and a Chinese – extremely raw, nasty and very biting,” says Master Product Specialist Mark Love. “Not only do the 2-inch holes increase the nasty factor, they also lighten the weight of the cymbal. So while its size and volume remain the same, the response is actually much faster because there’s less metal mass to move.” Indeed, with its high-decibel design and super-bright, ferocious tone, the 16” B8 pro Crash rips through rock-heavy grooves and blistering power chords. Featuring the same O-Zone multi-holed design as HHX and AAX models, its double ring of response enhancing holes guarantees that this radical new model responds rapidly, with brilliant explosion and dirty agitation. Touted as a cymbal series for drummers who play with Speed, Power and Aggression, with the addition of O-Zone Crashes, B8 Pro just got faster, more powerful, and more aggressive.

Sabian B8 Pro – Focused Cut

Bright, tonally focused sounds, a wide range of models and Brilliant looks that kill have been hallmarks of the Sabian B8 Pro series since 1991. These qualities have propelled B8 Pro to best-seller status throughout its 20 year history. Redesigned in 2011, B8 Pro cymbals now feature a new, larger hammering pattern and improved bell design. Delivering intense, focused cut, it’s the ideal series for drummers who play with speed, power and aggression. And they’re all wrapped up in a brilliant finish with looks that kill.

Crafted in the Sabian Vault

“The knowledge and techniques we have gained by producing some of the world’s best cymbals – such as HHX and Artisan – don’t get forgotten when we came to the table for B8 Pro,” says Sabian Master Product Specialist Mark Love. “Even though this is a cymbal designed for players just getting into their first set of quality B8 Bronze cymbals, we have introduced a new, larger hammering pattern as well as subtle design changes to the bell that have significantly improved its sound.” The results speak for themselves. The new, better B8 Pro is richer sounding, with a complexity of tone not typically found in cymbals at this price point. It opens up when hit hard, but now also “gives up the goods” when played lightly. B8 Pro is quality protected with a Sabian Two-Year Warranty.

Who Plays B8 Pro?

“I am particularly obsessed with the 18” B8 Pro China. I had one and it lasted about 10 years; unfortunately it got stolen from me. But I still have a few to this day and I still think it’s a fantastic cymbal – and it’s a real affordable cymbal as well. I always like a cymbal to give a little bit, and with that China, it’s really explosive, really loud, very colourful and really trashy sounding – it feels really nice!” Tim Yeung (Divine Heresy, Morbid Angel).

Who plays B8 Pro?

“The B8 Pro O-Zone Crashes sound like top-end professional cymbals worth two or three times the price. The profile felt thin under the stick as there was a physical shimmer and ‘give’ to the cymbal when played. Offering a pretty rapid build with a stick, the response was right there when needed and the sound built up quickly to offer a good attack and a warm, fruity tonal body with a not too sharp hiss that died just as swiftly leaving no low tone or gong sound in the ears. The holes clearly added the very trashy, but passive-aggressive white noise hiss to the tone and stopped the B8 metal from overtaking the best bits. I suspect that, compared to holes size and layout in the Sabian AA Holy Chinas and others such as the HHX Evolution O-Zone models, these holes were bigger and more plentiful by necessity to ensure that the B8 nature was well tamed. Well, they certainly worked because the more I played it, the more I liked it. This was also probably the first B8 cymbal I can remember playing where I was confident to hit it softly, knowing that the tone would still win out without any clang or unnecessary undertones taking over. Similarly swells with stick and mallets were a joy as there was only control, build and decay of the great combination of sizzly hiss and crash tone. ” Mike Dolbear (




  • Designed for those who play with Speed, Power and Aggression
  • A powerful combination of a thin crash and china
  • Quick response with bright explosion and dirty agitation
  • Extremely raw, nasty and biting
  • Not just a beginner model – B8 Pro O-Zone Crashes loved by Pros
  • A tough, durable Crash for intense, high-volume performances
  • Brilliant finish, with looks that kill
  • B8 Pro Series Cymbals deliver Focused Cut
  • Crafted from Sabian pure B8 Bronze
  • Quality protected by Sabian 2-Year Warranty
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