Suhr V70 Single Coil Pickup, Bridge - White

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Suhr V70 Single Coil Pickup, Bridge - White
Suhr V70 Single Coil Pickup, Bridge - White

Suhr V70 Single Coil Pickup, Bridge - White

The V70 will transport you back to a time when bell bottoms and large stacks of amplifiers dominated the concert stage. A time when guitar players around the world began fusing the blues with hard rock to create many of the iconic rock riffs and solos of our time!

Every V70 pickup is hand-built, precisely wound (using our proprietary winding process) and features: plain enamel wire, specially formulated Alnico V magnets, and vintage correct gray fiber bottoms. The V70 also incorporates a modified staggered pole piece design, which provides an even magnetic field that is perfect for capturing those soaring multi-step bends that became an essential ingredient of the 70’s solo. Another benefit is that they are a great fit for today’s flatter neck radius equipped guitars.


V70’s are exceptionally dynamic and respond to every nuance of your playing. Their tone is balanced with tight snappy lows and shimmering highs that cut ever so sweetly without sounding harsh. Whether you play Rock, Blues, or R&B, the V70 is ideal for the player searching for the ultimate 70’s era single-coil pickup.


Magnet: Alnico V Special

DC Resistance:
~ 5.8KΩ (bridge)

Wire: Plain Enamel
Fiber Color: Gray
Hook Up Wire: Teflon

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