T-Rex Engineering Soulmate Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

T-Rex Engineering Soulmate Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal T-Rex Engineering Soulmate Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal T-Rex Engineering Soulmate Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal T-Rex Engineering Soulmate Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
T-Rex Engineering Soulmate Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
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T-Rex Engineering Soulmate Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

Having some cool effects at your disposal when playing your acoustic instrument can highlight your performance and playing, but the effects should not cover up the instrument´s acoustic properties/sound and should act as “enhancers” of what´s already there. With a good pickup system, what most players look for is subtle changes, because essentially, they want to hear the instrument, only louder.
More importantly, we need to be able to use the instrument in various environments that are quite hostile for an instrument that is designed to be played acoustically. If signal phase, impedance and feedback mean anything to you, you already know that amplifying acoustic instruments often involves patching in various electronic gadgets that you´d never use in your electric setup,
The T-Rex Soulmate Acoustic merges a  collection of top notch effects with some very useful tools for acoustic playing because in our world, you need both for optimal sound. Really, it should be called “Toolbox Acoustic” because it´s almost as much a handful of “little helpers” as it is a multi effects unit for all stringed acoustic instruments with a microphone/pickup system installed.

EFFECTS: Compressor, modulation, 3-band parametric EQ, delay (with tap tempo), reverb (with shimmer), boost and a +5 min. looper, all laid out in a conventional and logical fashion. The effects have been designed to highlight, strengthen and widen the sound – it´s all about subtle,”icing on the cake” effects that allows the instrument´s tonality to shine through.


  • Compressor
  • Boost (post effects)
  • Stereo line/D.I. outputs
  • 5 min. stereo looper
  • Ultra fast chromatic tuner
  • Warm delay with tap tempo
  • 3-band parametric equalizer
  • Automatic feedback suppression
  • Modulation: Classic chorus/detune
  • Optional master volume control from expression pedal
  • Hall reverb with shimmer effect (optional expression pedal control)
  • FET preamp with high/low impedance selection and phase switch

Input preamp with gain control, signal phase and impedance switches, expression pedal inputs for foot control of master volume and shimmer, ultra-fast tuner, automatic feedback kill switch and dual stereo outputs (1/4” and XLR with ground lift) are indespensable tools for controlling the volume, patching into various mixers/amps/P.A.´s and battling feedback or noise.

At soundchecks, rehearsals or mid-gig, the T-Rex Soulmate Acoustic puts you in control of getting those notes all the way to the speaker cone with no fuzz, external boxes or involment of stage techs/soundguys.

  • Input impedance :1M ohm/10M ohm, selectable
  • Output impedance (ohm) :330(xlr), 1,5K(1/4”)
  • Power supply :12VDC, center negative (included)
  • Minimum : 11,5V DC
  • Maximum : 12,5V DC
  • Current draw @ 12V DC : 560mA max.
  • Maximum input signal : 3,5V p-p
  • Effect processor specs : 24-bit, 48KHz, 1ms. latency
  • Looper specs : 24-bit, 46KHz, 32-bit floating point internal processing. Maximum 5,8 min. looping time
  • External connectors : Input, exp. shimmer, exp. vol, ¼” outputs (L/R), XLR outputs (L/R), power inlet
  • Pedal size incl. knobs (WxHxD) : 400 x 62 x 148 mm / 15,75 x 2,44 x 5,83 inch
  • Weight excl. packaging : 2 kg / 4.4 lb
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